Polycystic Ovaries

Causes of Polycystic Ovaries

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects hormone levels and can cause a variety of symptoms. Some of these symptoms, such as acne and unwanted hair growth, can have a detrimental effect on self-confidence.

We are experienced in working with women with PCOS to reduce the visible signs of their condition. Laser hair removal offers excellent reduction in hair growth, and peels and microdermabrasion can help calm acne.

Our Treatments for the Side Effects of Polycystic Ovaries

Laser Hair Removal

Our fully-trained laser technicians can treat any skin tone from dark to fair using our medical-grade Candela Gentle Yag and Gentle Pro lasers.



Target your skin’s natural rejuvenation process by gently removing the dead surface skin through diamond-tipped exfoliation.

Medi-Aesthetic Peel

Medi-Aesthetic Peels

Designed to rapidly improve the texture and tone of your skin, our Medi-Aesthetic Face Peels are tailored to the individual.