“70% of women still don’t feel represented in media and advertising…”

Rebecca Swift, Senior Director of Creative Insights at Getty Images

So, here at The Cosmetic Clinic, we decided to make a change.

The airbrushed stock imagery we see in the beauty and cosmetic industry around the globe simply doesn’t reflect the real, genuine people we see in our clinics on a daily basis. We felt it was high time these amazing people were represented and took centre stage in the marketing of our brand.

Introducing The Cosmetic Clinic #Everyday Campaign

Celebrating everyday amazing

We ran a nationwide competition to find our own people – people who would become the everyday faces of The Cosmetic Clinic.

And we were blown away by the response! The feedback was amazing with our clients and everyday Kiwi’s relating to and celebrating the Everyday campaign with us. Over 500 incredible people put themselves out there to hopefully become one of our new faces.  Of course, the successful four would WIN a years’ worth of free laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments on us – bit of an incentive…

Finding our everyday winners

It was so hard to narrow down 500+ entries to a Top 20! The quality of entries was AMAZING and agreeing on only 4 winners was tough. Really tough!

After an incredible two-day shoot at one of New Zealand’s leading studios, the results speak for themselves! We got stunning imagery of these amazing, strong,  beautiful people – who dared to believe they were our everyday face. These images will soon be making it clear to New Zealand and the world that at The Cosmetic Clinic, everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves…everyday.

Introducing The Cosmetic Clinic #Everyday Winners

Etilina Ahokava – 24 years old
Flight Attendant

As a busy international flight attendant, Etilina needs to be the best version of herself everyday.

Spending up to 8 hours a day in an air-conditioned environment, dealing with changes in temperature and humidity of the places she flies to, and looking ‘beautiful’ all the time, Etilina has made maintaining her skin a key part of her everyday routine.

“I’ve got to show my face in front of hundreds of strangers everyday and that’s hard. Skin confidence is something everyone deserves, but the majority of people don’t do anything about it. I have!”

Heidi Cortes – 53 years old
Business Owner & Grandmother

Heidi is 53 – yes, she really is! And with her busy life running a business and helping take care of her 8 year old grandson, she often has precious little time to look after herself.

But this doesn’t stop Heidi from being the best version of herself. Her young grandson keeps her active and The Cosmetic Clinic helps keep her looking and feeling great. She believes that taking time for yourself is vital to living a happy life everyday.

“I have such a busy life with my husband, daughter, step-daughters, an awesome grandson and running a business. But, even though life is full on, I’m going to look my best while living it!”

Archana Deo – 34 years old
Single Mum

Archana is one of those amazing everyday mums who manages to not only hold down a full time job, but also take care of her child single-handed.

Juggling work, her son, the gym, and life in general, Archana decided it was time to try laser hair removal at The Cosmetic Clinic. Not having to worry about sleeveless tops, lifting her arms at the gym, or picking up her son for cuddles, is just a small part of making her everyday just that much better.

“I work full time, am a solo mum to my gorgeous 6 year old boy. I’m in my mid-thirties and started noticing fine lines around my eyes and I was like – argh – help! So, I can’t wait to focus on these as well.”

Jennifer Beckham- 25 years old
Office Manager

Jennifer’s lively energy and her passion for embracing your natural beauty no matter what, made her stand out as an amazing everyday Kiwi.

Jennifer knows just how important it is to take care of yourself, having had several treatments herself. It’s not just about how you look, but how you feel about yourself. Her message to embrace who you are, to love and care for yourself, aligns perfectly with the values of The Cosmetic Clinic.

“Nothing feels better than feeling confident about how you look! I’m so excited to be part of this campaign because I always tell people to embrace their natural beauty and love the skin that they’re in!”

We’re so excited to introduce the new faces of The Cosmetic Clinic to you all! We will be launching videos of our lucky winners soon so stay tuned!


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