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Lip Fillers or Lip Augmentation is a delicate artistic treatment. Creating your perfect pout is something our Cosmetic Injectors can help with! Read below to learn more about what makes a perfect lip.

Lip Fillers

Lip Augmentation (aka lip fillers) is one of our most popular dermal filler treatments. Our skilled Cosmetic Injectors are extensively trained and highly experienced in the delicate art of Lip Augmentation. So whether you are simply looking for hydration, subtle plump; or if you are wanting to create a fuller look, we would love to help you discover the perfect pout.

So what creates the perfect lip?

The Golden Ratio or Phi gives us the magic number 1.618. This proportion or ratio of 1:1.618 can be found throughout nature. It’s widely considered that objects with proportions consistent with Phi are seen as the most beautiful. Analysing the face using the Golden Ratio looks like this:

lip fillers phi

It’s no surprise then, that the Golden Ratio also applies to enhancing the Lip. According to the theory, to obtain perfect proportion, the bottom lip should be 1.618 times the volume of the upper lip. When we look to augment the lips, wherever possible we aim to achieve this golden ration using dermal filler. The structure of the lip is also important when seeking to augment.

lip fillers cropped

In addition to proportionate volume, the perfect lip should contain a symmetrical, noticeable yet not prominent Philtral Column; a defined vermillion border, a symmetrical and properly shaped cupid’s bow and a slightly upturned or level oral commissure. Well, it all sounds pretty simple in theory! In reality, we are all different. We each have features to our lips that can be used to enhance them. There’s also personal taste! Everyone has different ideas of what we want our lips to look like.

Here’s a graphic showing some of our favourite lip types. We’d love to hear your favourite too! Why not tell us your favourite on our Facebook page.

lip fillers types

Thinking about treating your pout to some extra love for Christmas? There’s never been a better time than now!

lip fillers kissable lips

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