It’s time to try something new and treat yourself to an advanced skin treatment so you are radiant and ready for Spring.

Six Treatments to Try for Sexy Spring Skin

Spring is here and it’s time to bare those shoulders and show off that smooth skin hiding underneath all those layers. Still concerned your skin isn’t ready to be revealed? It’s time to try something new and treat yourself to an advanced skin treatment so you are radiant and ready for Spring.

1. Anti-Wrinkle injections

If you see crow’s feet, bunny lines and more when you look in the mirror, treat yourself to anti-wrinkle injections, which can also help to reverse the ageing process. How do they work? Anti-wrinkle injections block the chemical signals your brain sends to your muscle to contract. For example, instead of squinting when your eyes see the sun, your muscles remain relaxed. Anti-wrinkle injections help relax the muscle to reduce movement and soften the look of your lines to produce a tighter, smoother appearance.

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers also soften the signs of aging by adding volume or lift to facial areas. They can also hydrate and treat deep wrinkles and expression lines. If you have static lines (lines that appear on your face when it is resting) you can treat it with dermal fillers too. If you want a pretty pout for spring, dermal fillers can enhance your lip volume, redefine your lips and banish bleeding lip lines too.

3. Laser rejuvenation for pigmentation

If your beach babe days are catching up with you with pigmentation patches, redness or freckles consider laser for skin. How does this work? It’s achieved through the use of high grade medical laser equipment, which targets the Melanin in your skin to reduce and lighten pigmentation. As most people need a series of three treatments over the course of three months, it’s best to book this advanced treatment now!

4. 9-Step Microdermabrasion

Winter can often make your skin feel tight and dry no matter how much moisturiser you slather on. This is because all that dead skin on your face and body is acting a barrier between your good skin care and all your skin care products. The Cosmetic Clinic 9-Step Microdermabrasion is a proven treatment that can remove those dead skin cells, nourish your skin and enable the absorption of your skin care products.

5. Fractional RF

Fractional RF can treat loose or sagging skin, stretch marks, cystic acne, acne scarring, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles, redness and more. It’s one of the most sought after treatments as it combines fractional radio frequency and micro-needling to direct energy into your skin layers. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which is ideal for generalised skin tightening.

6. Advanced cosmeceutical skin care products

Prevention is always better than cure and by using a range of cosmeceutical skin care products that contain active ingredients, your dry skin can become moisturised and ready for spring.

The best way you can step into spring with sexy smooth skin is by booking a complimentary skin consultation first. Your safety is always our highest priority and your skin consultation allows our expert The Cosmetic Clinic technicians to conduct a full assessment of your skin first.

Book your free skin consultation now by contacting us today!

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