Laser for Facial Veins

Do you suffer from visible veins, broken capillaries or visible blood vessels on your skin?

These are commonly found on the face and are caused by heredity, natural stresses and everyday routines.

Did you know these unsightly imperfections can be diminished under the supervision of a certified and expert laser technician?

At The Cosmetic Clinic, our Laser for Facial Veins treatment is only performed by advanced and skilled technicians.

This treatment is one of our most popular as it is quick, safe and effective. If you are interested in a safe and effective method to reduce the appearance of visible capillaries and blood vessels and veins, we strongly recommend considering laser treatment.

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About Laser Technology

The laser works through transmitting light through the skin to the blood vessels. As the light is absorbed into the vessels it turns to heat, which is conducted to the vessel walls.

The damage caused by the heat conducted, is enough to damage the walls, which the circulatory system can not repair, making them disappear.

Each of our clinics are equipped with the laser technology used to treat facial veins, visible blood vessels and capillaries.