Acne Home Care Treatment

Tailored Home Care Regimen

Skin Care is a vital part of our acne programs and all our in-clinic treatments for acne require home based treatments to maintain the results.

Each client is individually assessed and a number of factors are taken into consideration in developing a tailored home care regimen. These include:

  • Work/School environmental factors
  • Activities that you undertake
  • Your age
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Previous treatments that you may have tried

We favour Skinstitut simply because they have proven to give the high standard of results that we require.

Beware of Harsh Products

You will be familiar with the term “drying out” pimples or acne spots. Many acne treatments do just that – they dry the spot out.

However, acne and pimples are caused by the bacteria the P. Acnes which lives and thrives in clogged and congested environments within the pore or follicle. Surprisingly, the more you “dry out” a spot the less relief you get. Products designed to “dry” the skin do just that – leaving a flaking and often irritated skin with the same amount of acne or pimples.

Our skin care regime is designed to kill bacteria, remove dead skin and allow the skin to normalise. More simply, by removing the congesting dead skin cells, the bacteria cannot survive.