Sun Damaged Skin

Treat premature ageing and sun spots.

Do you want smoother, tighter, younger looking skin?

Sun damaged skin is a fact of life when living in the New Zealand climate.

Although the weather here can be wonderful, we also live in a country where the ozone layer is greatly depleted. This magnifies the strength of sunburn and increases surface UVB levels.

This leads to skin that is constantly exposed to a harsh sun and more prone to sun damage.

Fortunately, there are various treatments we can use to treat damage such as premature ageing and sun spots.

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Treatments Available

Medi-aesthetic peels

Laser treatment

Fractional RF

The Cosmetic Clinic offers a number of high quality treatments for many skin concerns and conditions.

Fair Skin

Unfortunately for the majority of us who have fair skin, the sun is also our enemy. Fair skin was not designed to have frequent exposure to sunlight. The damage caused by sunlight is accumulative. This means that the damage the sun does to your skin occurs every time you are exposed to the sun, even for a few minutes or even through the window of a car or building.

You do not have to get “sun burnt” to have sun damaged skin. Sun damage includes lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, blood vessels, brown spots and open pores. The major danger of sun damage is skin cancer, especially melanoma or cancerous change in a mole. More common are hyperkeratoses, which are the thick, scaly patches seen especially on the hands and arms.