Three Steps to Brighter Skin

Many things can cause tired, dull-looking skin. Air conditioning, sun exposure, incorrect skincare, lack of sleep and other lifestyle factors can all play a role in leaving you looking, and possibly feeling, a little lacklustre.

You may think dull skin is an inevitable part of getting a little older. Luckily, you think wrong. Here are a few simple steps to help get you back your glow…

1. Regular microdermabrasion

The gold-standard in exfoliation treatments, our Signature 9-Step Microdermabrasion can remove dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production and clear the way for your skincare products so they can work more effectively.

After just one treatment fresh new skin can be revealed, so you can see (and feel) benefits immediately. To continue building a more even skin tone and healthy glow, regular maintenance treatments (around once a month, depending on your skin type) can keep your complexion spick and span.

2. Get your skincare right

Most women already have some kind of routine in place, but a proper skincare regime, using professional strength products selected for your skin type, is key if your goal is bright, glowing skin.

At The Cosmetic Clinic, we offer complimentary skin consultations with our fully trained, highly experienced clinicians. We work with you to build a skincare package and routine to cater to your concerns and skin.

3. Laser for pigmentation

Excessive or unwanted pigmentation can really dull your shine, and stand in the way of a smooth, even complexion. Caused by many factors, including sun exposure, acne and blemishes and hormonal changes, hyperpigmentation isn’t dangerous, but you may still want to clear yours.

If skin pigmentation is a concern, we have a range of effective, safe treatments on offer that can reduce or eradicate discolouration to give you a younger looking, more even skin tone.

Sound doable? We think so too.

If you would like to get started, our Brightening Package could be just the thing. Including a Pigmentation Laser Treatment, pre-laser Microdermabrasion and an Institut Brightening Pack, comprised of Lactic Cleanser, Even Blend, Vitamin C, moisturiser and sun protection, this package offers everything you need to wake up your skin to help a brighter, more fresh complexion.

Right now our Brightening Package, valued at $372, is $279 – that’s 25% off.

Visit us at one of our clinics for a complimentary skin assessment.