Excessive Sweating

A simple solution for a common problem

Hyperhidrosis, the medical name for excessive sweating, is a common condition that can cause embarrassment to sufferers. Happily there’s a simple treatment available, which can greatly improve symptoms.

Muscle relaxant injections (similar to those used to reduce wrinkles) can also be used to reduce sweating in targeted areas of the body. Treatment involves tiny quantities of muscle relaxant being injected just below the skin’s surface, blocking the nerve impulses directing the sweat glands to sweat.

The underarms are the most common treatment area, though treatment is effective on other parts of the body. Treatments are performed by doctors or registered nurses with specialized training, and effects last up to 9 months.

Examples of Excessive Sweating

Treatment benefits

No downtime
Following treatment you can resume your normal routine immediately.

Reduced sweating
Inactivated sweat glands are no longer able to produce moisture.

Greater confidence
Wear what you like – not just what won’t show sweat patches.

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