Causes of Freckles

Freckles are often thought of as ‘cute’ and can be part of what makes you ‘you’. Sun damage and exposure to sun over time, however, can cause unwanted pigmentation, or excessive freckling of the skin.

If you have unwanted freckling on your skin, we have a range of options available to help reduce their appearance, including laser treatment which gently breaks down pigmentation in the skin.

Examples of Freckles

freckles on the skin
Freckles and Moles on Shoulder

Our Treatments for Freckles

Selina Cosmelan 2

Cosmelan 7-month Programme

The world’s best-selling depigmentation treatment for ALL skin types helps to significantly reduce the appearance of freckles.

Laser for Pigmentation

Help target freckles, melasma, acne scars, age spots and sun damage with safe and effective laser or IPL treatments for pigmentation.

michelle peel (1)

Medi-Aesthetic Face Peels

Helping to rapidly improve the texture and tone of your skin, our Medi-Aesthetic Face Peels are tailored to the individual.