Ageing Skin

The Causes of Ageing Skin

Ageing is natural, as are the visible signs of aging – thinner, drier skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. These can be caused purely by the passage of time, called ‘intrinsic ageing’, which is primarily down to genes. They can also be cause by lifestyle factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

If you’re worried about ageing skin, we can help. It is never too late to improve the skin’s quality and appearance, through healthy lifestyle adjustments and a medi-aesthetic treatment program. We offer a wide range of non-invasive treatments designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, balance skin tone, replace lost volume and tighten the skin, giving a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Our Treatments for Ageing Skin

Anti-wrinkle Injectables

Professionally administered cosmetic injections can create a natural-looking reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are designed to add volume to your skin. They also balance and lift your cheeks, lips and other facial areas to reduce the signs of ageing.



Target your skin’s natural rejuvenation process by gently removing the dead surface skin through diamond-tipped exfoliation.

Medi-Aesthetic Face Peels

Designed to rapidly improve the texture and tone of your skin, our Medi-Aesthetic Face Peels are tailored to the individual.

Fractional RF Treatments

Fractional RF Skin Tightening 

Generate new collagen, improve skin texture and tighten the skin through the combination of dermal stamping and radio frequency.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy harnesses the healing power of light for a total skin rejuvenation solution.

*Cosmetic treatments are a prescription medicine. For treatment risks and benefits please contact one of our experienced Cosmetic Injectors at a clinic location near you, or visit for further information.