Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to wax and razors. Permanently.

Like being ready for anything, always? Laser hair removal is the treatment for you. Offering silky smooth skin all year round, laser permanently reduces hair growth – so you can ditch the wax and razors for good.

Our fully trained laser technicians use industry-leading technology to perform treatments on a huge range of hair types and skin tones. Treatments are fast, effective and affordable, and can be tailored to treat hair on all areas of the face and body.

Laser can only target hair during its ‘growth’ phase, which means a series of sessions, typically 6 – 12, will be needed for permanently smooth, hair-free skin. We think it’s seriously worth it.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • No more shaving rash
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • Safe and effective
  • More cost effective than waxing
  • Silky-smooth skin – always

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser hair removal is an effective, permanent hair reduction treatment, which eradicates hair growth by targeting either the root of the hair or the blood flow to the root, depending on your skin tone. Once a hair follicle has been successfully treated, hair will no longer grow from it.

When performed by a qualified laser technician, laser hair removal is safe, comfortable, and can be used to stop hair growth anywhere on the body.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair root or blood supply using a concentrated beam of light. This light is absorbed by pigment, damaging the follicle and rendering it incapable of growing hair. This results in long-lasting reduction in the hair growth of the treated area. Laser hair removal results in long-term hair-free skin… in some people, hair never returns (though everyone is different, and results vary).

Some patients find laser hair removal uncomfortable, but not ‘painful’. The lasers we use at The Cosmetic Clinic are among the latest and best in the industry and have a feature which blows cold air onto the area being treated to reduce discomfort. Following your treatment your skin may be a little red, like a mild sunburn, but this should pass quickly. Your laser technician will advise you on the best ways to reduce this.

Patients report that compared to the pain of waxing, laser’s a breeze… with the added bonus of permanent results!

Laser hair removal targets hair during growth phases and hair grows in ‘cycles’ so most clients require between six treatments to twelve treatments, timed 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the desired, hair free result. However, most patients notice hair growth is finer from the first treatment.

Every patient is different, and your laser technician will be able to advise you on the best treatment course for your needs.

Treatments are performed between 4-6 weeks apart to ensure each targets a new cycle of hair growth. Because between six to twelve treatments are usually needed for an area to be completely free of hair growth, laser is not the quickest hair removal treatment – but it IS the only one that offers permanent hair reduction.

Everyone is different, and many clients see a significant reduction in hair growth from the first treatment.

At The Cosmetic Clinic treatments are performed using industry-leading laser technology. We have different lasers available and can offer successful treatment to a huge range of skin tone and hair colours, though unfortunately we are unable to treat red, white or grey hair.

To find out if laser hair removal would be suitable for you, book a complimentary consultation with one of our laser technicians – we’re here to help!

TreatmentSinglePre Pay 6Pre Pay 12
Laser Hair Removal • Face
Nose19 11.4016 9.6014 8.40
Upper Lip26 15.6023 13.8019 11.40
Ears26 15.6023 13.8019 11.40
Chin35 2131 18.6026 15.60
Full Face67 40.2059 35.4050 30
Facial Sculpting67 40.2059 35.4050 30
Sides of face65 3957 34.2048 28.80
Neck (Front or Back)44 26.4039 23.4033 19.80
Laser Hair Removal • Upper Body
Underarms44 26.4039 23.4033 19.80
Hands + Fingers56 33.6049 29.4042 25.20
Half (1/2) Arms135 81118 70.80101 60.60
Full Arms169 101.40148 88.80127 76.20
Areola26 15.6023 13.8019 11.40
Chest135 81118 70.80101 60.60
Shoulders119 71.40104 62.4089 53.40
Stomach119 71.40104 62.4089 53.40
Snail Trail (Male)44 26.4039 23.4033 19.80
Snail Trail (Female)26 15.6023 13.8019 11.40
Sides of Back90 5479 47.4068 40.80
Half Back (Female)149 89.40130 78111 66.60
Half Back (Male) 175 105153 91.80131 78.60
Full Back (Female)229 137.40201 120.60172 103.20
Full Back (Male)269 161.40235 141202 121.20
Laser Hair Removal • Lower Body
Brazilian (Female)73 43.8064 38.4055 33
Brazilian (Male)113 67.8099 59.4085 51
Bikini (Female)73 43.8064 38.4055 33
Half (1/2) Legs159 95.40139 83.40119 71.40
Full Legs239 143.40209 125.40179 107.40
Anus59 35.4051 30.6044 26.40
Buttocks (Male)158 94.80138 82.80119 71.40
Buttocks (Female)109 65.4095 5782 49.20
Feet + Toes35 2131 18.6026 15.60
Laser Hair Removal • Package Areas
Lip + Chin57 34.2050 3043 25.80
Full Face + Neck89 53.4078 46.8067 40.20
Chest + Stomach205 123179 107.40153 91.80
Back + Shoulders290 174254 152.40218 130.80
Brazilian + Underarms (Female)89 53.4078 46.8066 39.60
Half (1/2) Legs + Brazilian + Underarms (Female)259 155.40227 136.20194 116.40
Full legs + Brazilian + Underarms (Female)285 171249 149.40214 128.40
Full Body (Female)499 299.40437 262.20374 224.4
Full Body (Male)649 389.40569 341.40489 293.40

All prices displayed are ‘per treatment’ based on applicable pre-pay discounts.
*A $49 shaving fee applies to clients who come to their appointment unprepared for the treatment.