16 Sep 2020

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections are becoming increasingly popular among men and women alike, who are looking to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and refine their overall look. Often used as a preventative treatment, they can be a quick and effective way to ‘stop the clock’ and boost confidence levels. But how do anti-wrinkle injections work? When will I see… Read Full Article →

26 Aug 2020

Laser Hair Removal – all your frequently asked questions answered!

Laser Hair Removal treatments are becoming more and more popular each year and it’s no surprise! From reduced hair growth, a better environmental impact (less disposable razors!), and being better for your bank account, there is no surprise that many people are ditching the wax and the razors and swapping to Laser Hair Removal! If… Read Full Article →

18 Aug 2020

How to Use Your Balense Recovery Cream All Year Long!

If you’re getting Laser Hair Removal treatments at The Cosmetic Clinic, you’re most likely familiar with our Balense Recovery Cream. Soothing, calming, and hydrating – the Recovery Cream is the perfect product to pair with your Laser Hair Removal treatments. What you may not realise is that this wonderful product can be suitable for other… Read Full Article →

14 Aug 2020

How to combat ‘Maskne’ (while staying socially responsible)

Yes, ‘maskne’ is now a thing. Based on the New Zealand government’s announcement this week, it has been recommended that Kiwis wear masks in public to keep ourselves and our communities safe. And, because of this, some of us will start to experience a somewhat unwanted side-effect known as maskne.   Of course, we’re not… Read Full Article →

12 Aug 2020

COVID-19 Update

Now that Auckland is in Level 3 until midnight, Friday 26th August, our Auckland clinics are temporarily closed. So what does this mean for you? And what about our other clinics in other parts of New Zealand who are in Level 2?   Auckland Clinics On the back of the New Zealand government’s announcement last… Read Full Article →

28 Jul 2020

Cosmelan – the world’s best-selling depigmentation treatment!

Do you have dark spots, melasma, pigmentation issues of any kind? This August at The Cosmetic Clinic we’re launching a treatment for you – yes – ALL of you!   Introducing Cosmelan, the world’s best-selling treatment for all forms of pigmentation for all skin types! This professional depigmentation treatment has successfully treated over 1 million… Read Full Article →

20 Jul 2020

Balense Serums – The Perfect Skincare Boost!

Looking into updating your skincare routine? At The Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that you should keep your skincare regime simple and easy to manage. This consists of 4 essential steps: cleanse, activate, hydrate and protect. When it comes to our Balense Serums, they fall under the category “activate” as they all hold active ingredients.  … Read Full Article →

30 Jun 2020

6 things you might not know about Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers – what are they? What do they do? Should I get them? Despite their increasing popularity, there is still a bit of mystery around these cosmetic injectable treatments. During lockdown, we ran a Q&A session on Instagram all about injectables and the response was HUGE! We’ve recognized the need for a more detailed… Read Full Article →

19 Jun 2020

How to prep for your pigmentation treatment

Without the blaring heat from the sun, there is no better time to treat hyperpigmentation. Whether it’s sunspots, acne scarring, or freckles, your pigmentation concerns can fade away… literally! Here are our favourite pigmentation treatments and how to prepare for them.   Pigmentation Peel Our peels work by gently removing the damaged outer layer of… Read Full Article →

29 May 2020

How to keep your skin hydrated in the colder season

With the colder months approaching, keeping your skin hydrated is more important than ever! Water makes up more than 50% of us, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best things we can give to our body. While it’s important to replenish the large amounts of water we lose regularly, did you know… Read Full Article →