29 Sep 2021

Detox your skincare 

Skincare products starting to pile up and unsure whether your skincare routine is helping your skin? Then it’s probably time to detox your skincare supplies. It is so important to get rid of products that aren’t right for your skin type, as well with products that have been living on your shelves way past their… Read Full Article →

22 Sep 2021

The Complete Guide to Skin Resurfacing: Part Three

So now that you’ve read about the skin turnover process (part one), medi-aesthetic peels and microdermabrasion (part two), we’ll take a look at what micro-needling and finally laser rejuvenation can do for your skin.   Shift Manager, Laser & Skin Technician Kristy, explains the process of micro-needling to achieve skin resurfacing. Micro-needling treatments are designed… Read Full Article →

The Complete Guide to Skin Resurfacing: Part Two

Now that you’ve read Part One and understand a bit more about the skin, it’s layers and it’s natural turnover process, we’ll delve into some of our favourite – and most popular – treatments that support your skin through efficient skin resurfacing.   Skin & Laser technician, Holly, explains how chemical peels can provide efficient… Read Full Article →

17 Sep 2021

The Complete Guide to Skin Resurfacing: Part One

Now this should be catching your attention! Skin resurfacing treatments are mostly responsible for achieving the desired radiant, smooth, soft, and youthful skin we all desire to have. This article, written by our wonderful Newmarket team, is designed to walk you through some of those popular treatment options available for skin treatments, and to remove… Read Full Article →

16 Aug 2021

The Subtlety of Cosmetic Injectables

Many of our clients have been concerned that cosmetic injectables will make them look plastic, fake, frozen or simply not like them anymore! However, that is simply not true… unless that’s the look you’re after! Cosmetic injectables can be so subtle, that no one would even think you’ve had anything done – you might just… Read Full Article →

27 Jul 2021

Dealing with pigmentation in intimate areas

Pigmentation can occur all over our bodies and can be can be caused by a number of different things from genetics to wearing tight clothing.  It’s a growing concern and can affect all skin types too. Until now, there have been great solutions to help with pigmentation on the face, décolletage, arms, legs and so… Read Full Article →

1 Jul 2021

Meso Serum add on to super-charge your micro-needling treatment

We know how amazing micro-needling is – it’s also known as collagen induction therapy after all! A go-to treatment for instantly firming and smoothing the skin by promoting collagen production and all-over rejuvenation. Micro-Needling can help reduce scarring, blackheads, open pores, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and more. Now, you have the option to add-on a Meso… Read Full Article →

28 Jun 2021

Top three reasons to choose Cosmelan with The Cosmetic Clinic

You’ve probably heard of Cosmelan before, and rightfully so! The Cosmelan method is world-famous when it comes to effectively reducing the appearance of pigmentation such as age spots and melasma. Over 1 million people have used it world-wide! What makes Cosmelan so unique from other pigmentation treatments is its ability to treat all skin phototypes. So, whether you have… Read Full Article →