26 Sep 2019

Common Cleansing Mistakes

If you’re already taking care of your skin, or you recently started thinking about it, that’s awesome! We’d love to support you on your journey to your best skin, every day. So, we thought we should let you in on some not-so-secret cleansing habits that are super common, but don’t serve your skin in ANY… Read Full Article →

19 Sep 2019

How to treat acne scarring

Acne is a far more common skin concern than you might think, so if you suffer from acne or acne scarring, you are not alone! There are two different types of marks left behind by acne including true scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These marks will vary depending on a number of factors such as skin tone and… Read Full Article →

1 Sep 2019

Micro-Needling 101

A Collagen Booster for Your Skin! There are so many treatments available out there for enhancing the look and feel of your skin, so how do you know which one is right for you? At The Cosmetic Clinic we offer a range of skin treatments that all have their own unique benefits and specialise in… Read Full Article →

28 Aug 2019

Winter be gone! 6 Spring Skincare Tips

As the seasons change, so should our skincare. Transitioning from winter to spring means that it’s time to kick our winter skincare habits and welcome the rising temperatures with the appropriate product and treatment changes. So, we’ve pulled together six easy-to-follow skincare tips that will keep you glowing right through to summer!   Eat well… Read Full Article →

23 Aug 2019

How to minimise your dark circles

The Cosmetic Clinic understands how dilapidating dark circles around your eyes can be. But what actually causes them? Is there anything that can be done to get rid of them permanently? The answer to why we get dark circles is complex. From genetics to circadian rhythm to dehydration; there are several causes as to why it… Read Full Article →

13 Aug 2019

The secret to minimising pores

Open and enlarged pores are a concern experienced by men and women alike, with the two main causes being genetics and age. Ageing causes pores to become enlarged in appearance because as our skin elasticity reduces, the walls of the pore lose structure. This then causes our pores to appear larger and more obvious. While we may not… Read Full Article →

5 Aug 2019

3 easy travel skincare tips

It’s winter here, and summer somewhere else in the World… so now is a great time to learn some handy skin tips before jetsetters like you take on the skies to chase some vitamin-D.   It’s no secret that when we travel our skin can feel not-so-fresh. It is afterall, our armour, and it would… Read Full Article →

31 Jul 2019

The Benefits of LED Light Therapy

How many of us want healthy, radiant, glowing skin? The kind of skin that gets ‘wow’ comments. The kind of skin you just want to stare at in the mirror? The kind of skin that brightens up a room! Yes, thanks! Pick me! What if this gorgeously glowing skin could be yours? It can! At… Read Full Article →

30 Jun 2019

7 Things you NEED to know about Face Peels

Medi-aesthetic face peels, sometimes also called chemexfoliation or derma-peeling, are techniques that are used to improve the skin texture and tone. But don’t let the term ‘peel’ freak you out! Here are seven things you need to know about face peels…   How a face peel actually works Medi-aesthetic face peels involve the application of a chemical… Read Full Article →

17 Jun 2019

Three reasons to ensure your Laser Technician is qualified

An untrained laser technician is like an untrained driver, and there’s not many of us who would get in a car with an untrained driver! So why give an untrained laser hair removal technician access to your precious skin? Ensuring you receive treatment from a qualified laser technician, who has the highest level of formal… Read Full Article →