31 Jul 2019

The Benefits of LED Light Therapy

How many of us want healthy, radiant, glowing skin? The kind of skin that gets ‘wow’ comments. The kind of skin you just want to stare at in the mirror? The kind of skin that brightens up a room! Yes, thanks! Pick me! What if this gorgeously glowing skin could be yours? It can! At… Read Full Article →

30 Jun 2019

7 Things you NEED to know about Face Peels

Medi-aesthetic face peels, sometimes also called chemexfoliation or derma-peeling, are techniques that are used to improve the skin texture and tone. But don’t let the term ‘peel’ freak you out! Here are seven things you need to know about face peels…   How a face peel actually works Medi-aesthetic face peels involve the application of a chemical… Read Full Article →

17 Jun 2019

Three reasons to ensure your Laser Technician is qualified

An untrained laser technician is like an untrained driver, and there’s not many of us who would get in a car with an untrained driver! So why give an untrained laser hair removal technician access to your precious skin? Ensuring you receive treatment from a qualified laser technician, who has the highest level of formal… Read Full Article →

16 May 2019

Top Ten Winter Skin Tips

Taking care of your skin in the lead up to and during winter will mean a slightly different routine than the warmer months, especially in parts of New Zealand! While the north of the North Island maintains a little humidity and moisture in the air, the South Island especially tends to get cold and dry,… Read Full Article →

13 May 2019

Are you timing your laser hair removal correctly?

There are many myths about laser hair removal, including how often you will require treatment to reach and maintain those silky-smooth results. Timing your laser hair removal correctly is much more important than you might realise. At The Cosmetic Clinic, as a rule of thumb, to help permanently reduce your hair growth, you will need… Read Full Article →

30 Apr 2019

How to care for your skin after a Microdermabrasion

If you’ve recently had one of our signature 10-step High Performance Microdermabrasion treatments at your local The Cosmetic Clinic, congratulations! You’ve invested in making your skin healthy, hydrated and happy. You might even be experiencing that post-micro glow we love so much, where your skin is soft to the touch and your makeup-free confidence is… Read Full Article →

4 Apr 2019

Advanced skin analysis for better results

We are excited to announce our brand new technology, the OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis machine. This advanced camera technology means that our expert dermal technicians are able to see deep within the layers of your skin to fully assess any damage, imperfections, or corrections we can help with. Why is this so exciting? First of… Read Full Article →

31 Mar 2019

Which is better: crystal, hydro or diamond microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion – it’s more than a just a facial and yet, is still a non-invasive procedure you can have done on your lunch break! Our signature 10-Step Microdermabrasion can slough off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production and cell rejuvenation. Many clients see dramatic improvements in… Read Full Article →

26 Mar 2019

Micro-Needling versus Dermal Rolling

Every day we are bombarded with new trends promising to give us plumper, more youthful complexions, and with so many beauty buzzwords going around it’s difficult to separate the fads from those that are here to stay. One of the current trends that we’re all hearing so much about is face needling, but did you… Read Full Article →

28 Feb 2019

Back Acne – common causes and how to treat it!

Get off my back!   Although summer is officially over, the great weather is set to continue in New Zealand. According to NIWA, warm, summery, and humid conditions are predicted well into April – even May in some parts of the country, which means more balmy beach days! Hooray! But for some, this also means… Read Full Article →