Observ 520: Your Complimentary Skin Analysis

Ever wondered what is going on beneath the layers of your skin? Well, what if we told you our Observ 520 can see beneath the skin surface. To start off your skin journey the first step is to undergo an Observ 520 skin analysis so that your trusted advisor can understand what is happening within the deeper layers of your skin to address your needs in a considered and targeted way.


What is the Observ 520?

The Observ 520 is advanced camera technology that specialises in analysing the deeper layers of your skin. Our skin technicians use this technology to gain a greater understanding of your skin so that they can tailor treatment and skincare plans to treat your underlying skin concerns.


What does the Observ 520 do?

The Observ 520 takes 6 photographs using different light settings to show what is happening within your skin. These 6 photos are:


1.   Daylight

This is what the skin looks like in natural daylight environments. This is perfect for before and after comparisons.

2.   Cross Polarised

Suppressing the skin’s surface shine, we can see the dermal structure, vascular conditions and inflammations residing beneath the outer epidermis.

3.   Parallel Polarised

This mode shows an enhanced view of the skin’s surface. This will show fine lines, micro relief, wrinkles, texture and pore size.

4.   True UV

Abnormalities on the surface or in the deeper layers can create fluorescence patterns that stand out from surrounding healthy skin. This can also identify pigmentations and oily parts of the skin.

5.   Wood’s

This mode shows secretions and gives us a clear view of the amount of hydration and oil flow in the skin. It also shows a loss of integrity within the skin tissue.

6.   Complexion

The last mode reveals a look into the future of your skin if any damage or irregularities are not fixed.


Once your skin has been assessed by the photos taken by the Observ 520, your trusted advisor will be able to put you on the right path to your best skin.


What should I do now?

If you are wanting to better understand your skin and the best way to take care of it, book in for a FREE consultation at your nearest clinic to get started on your skin journey.


*Why is the True UV and Wood’s images showing two colours split down the middle of the face?! Because, in this case, the person had applied sunscreen to one side of the face only. This Observ 520 shows just how important it is to wear sunscreen and the protection it provides.