The Best Method To Becoming Hairless

Figuring out the best hair removal method can be overwhelming as there are so many options. Should you Wax, should you Shave or is Laser Hair Removal the way to go? Everyone wants silky smooth skin quickly so we are here to tell you about the pros and cons of each treatment so you can find out the best method to becoming hairless.


Laser Hair Removal

How does it work?

The laser’s light energy targets the follicle and achieves a permanent reduction in hair regrowth. The hair gradually falls out in the following weeks post-treatment.


·      Great for permanent hair reduction

·      Causes no damage to the surface layers of your skin

·      Most clients only require a minimum of 6-12 monthly sessions

·      Cost is low as this is a lifetime treatment

·      Genderless pricing


·      Unable to treat red, grey or white hair



How does it work?

The hair is physically ripped from the roots using a strip of hot wax. Hot wax is applied onto the skin and cools before being pulled off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. After the wax is removed, the hairs are stuck to the wax and the treatment area is left feeling sensitive but smooth.


·      Instantly removes hair from the root.

·      Every 2-3 weeks.


·      Waxing can be painful due to the hot wax and pulling from the root.

·      Unlike Laser Hair Removal it requires you to grow out your hair in-between sessions.

·      Waxing can result in ingrown hairs due to regrowth.

·      Different prices for men and women (Our Laser Hair Removal treatments have genderless pricing!)



How does it work?

Shaving is the most typical hair removal method for everyone, as it can be done at home in the shower. As we are all familiar with the process let’s discuss the pros and cons of shaving…


·      Convenient at-home hair removal method.


·      Regrowth occurs every 1-2 days post-shaving (Laser Hair Removal treatments happen monthly & regrowth is slow).

·      Spikey regrowth due to the hair being cut off.

·      Shaving can create the appearance of a dark shadow underneath the skin.

·      Disposable razors are not environmentally friendly.

·      Ingrown hairs and ‘strawberry legs’ are common.


As you can see in comparison to Waxing and Shaving, Laser Hair Removal has the most pros making it the best method for becoming hairless!

If you are wanting to start your Laser Hair Removal journey book in for a FREE consultation at your nearest clinic.