Laser Hair Removal

TreatmentSinglePre Pay 6Pre Pay 12
Laser Hair Removal • Face
Upper Lip262319
Full Face675950
Facial Sculpting675950
Sides of face655748
Neck (Front or Back)443933
Laser Hair Removal • Upper Body
Underarms44 2239 2233 22
Hands + Fingers564942
Half (1/2) Arms135118101
Full Arms169 122148 122127 122
Snail Trail (Male)44393
Snail Trail (Female)262319
Sides of Back907968
Half Back (Female)149130111
Half Back (Male) 175153131
Full Back (Female)229201172
Full Back (Male)269235202
Laser Hair Removal • Lower Body
Brazilian (Female)736455
Brazilian (Male)1139985
Bikini (Female)736455
Half (1/2) Legs159139119
Full Legs239 122209 122209 122
Buttocks (Male)158138119
Buttocks (Female)1099582
Feet + Toes353126
Laser Hair Removal • Package Areas
Lip + Chin575043
Full Face + Neck897867
Chest + Stomach205 122179 122153 122
Back + Shoulders290254218
Brazilian + Underarms (Female)897866
Half (1/2) Legs + Brazilian + Underarms (Female)259227194
Full legs + Brazilian + Underarms (Female)285249214
Full Body (Female)499437374
Full Body (Male)649569489

All prices displayed are ‘per treatment’ based on applicable pre-pay discounts. The full price paid will be the ‘per treatment’ price multiplied by the number of pre-paid treatments purchased i.e. 6 or 12.

*A $49 shaving fee applies to clients who come to their appointment unprepared for the treatment.