Why Is Winter the Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal

You may have seen us posting around winter that now is the best time to start your Laser Hair Removal journey and maybe you have been wondering why…

We are here to tell you three great reasons starting your Laser Hair Removal journey now is best!


Reason 1: It’s easier to avoid the sun

During winter you’re not actively tanning in the sun instead you are wrapped up to keep warm – so, you’re decreasing skin exposure to UV rays.  We recommend you avoid the sun two weeks before and two weeks after your Laser Hair Removal appointment and if we’re doing it anyway in winter, what better time to book!


Reason 2: Hair free by summer

Starting your Laser Hair Removal journey in winter means that you will be well on your way to being hair-free by the time summer comes around. Typically, we recommend starting with 6-8 sessions of Laser Hair Removal. Starting now means that you will have gotten through a good portion of your journey by the time the warmer weather rolls around.


Reason 3:  You can avoid excessive sweating

Straight after your Laser Hair Removal session, we recommend you avoid excessive sweating, exercise, spas, and swimming – and all of these things are easier to avoid in the winter-time! At this time of year, it’s easy to put on comfy clothes after your appointment and go home to relax.


Wanting to start your Laser Hair Removal journey this winter? Book in for a FREE consultation at your nearest clinic so that you can be hair-free this summer!