Spring is Coming…

How the seasonal change affects your skin


As winter takes its last few gasping weeks of breath and we look forward to a sunnier (hopefully) spring, it’s time to take extra special care of your skin. Why? Because changes in temperature, humidity, and other environmental shifts really can do a number on your skins’ vibrancy, hydration, and overall condition.

Especially during the ‘in-between’ months of spring and autumn, skin can take a real hammering as it tries to adapt to the fickle and ever-changing environment. Months of exposure to cold winds, lower humidity, and chilly temperatures tends to wreak havoc on our skin – leaving it dull, dry and struggling to breathe.

As much as we welcome the rise in temperature, the transition can present a shock to the system for our skin. And while we’re all thrilled to be leaving the cold weather behind us, it’s important to ensure our skin receives the help it needs to catch up. For most skin types, the transition from winter to spring means more exfoliating and switching out that heavy winter moisturizer for a lighter one.

But reviving your skin after hibernation is no easy task, and sometimes even the best at-home skincare regimen isn’t quite enough to bring it back to life.




With the end of winter drawing closer, we can’t wait to shed our extra layers of clothing. But what about our excess layers of skin?

All winter long, our skin has been building up layer upon layer of dead skin cells, old product, impurities and environmental toxins.

Microdermabrasion is as close as you can get to a fresh start for your skin – helping it feeling younger-looking and rejuvenated. Just think of it as hi-tech spring cleaning for your skin, with many patients experiencing dramatic improvements after just one treatment.

As well as stimulating collagen production, microdermabrasion can gently remove the season-long pile up of dead cells and pollutant to make way for the new, fresh skin cells underneath. It helps to even skin tone, soften lines and control breakouts – revealing a brighter more youthful complexion you will absolutely fall in love with.

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After months of covering up, hunkering down, and snuggling close to heaters and fires, to say our skin is feeling dry and dull would be an understatement. It’s not easy to get out of that winter slump when your complexion is as dull and unpredictable as the weather.

Luckily, spring is a time for renewal. Here at The Cosmetic Clinic, we just ADORE spring! Not only does it bring the blossoming of flowers and the rising of temperatures, it brings the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts.

So, how about a fresh start for your face? LED light therapy is the perfect way to help rejuvenate and re-energize your skin, leaving your skin (and you!) feeling brighter and renewed. Harnessing the healing power of light to help a total skin rejuvenation solution, the deep penetrating and soothing LED lights target deep into the skin cells. This helps to heighten their internal functions, photo-stimulate dermal blood flow and induce faster healing, decrease pain, reduce acne and more.

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It’ll be summer before we know it – hooray! And we can’t wait for all the lovely things that come with it. We’re already looking forward to that first swim of summer, and to fishing out our old favourite Hawaiian shirt from the back of the closet.

What are we not looking forward to? Wasting precious time worrying about unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal can help to permanently and significantly reduce hair growth on all areas of your face and body, so you’ll never need to give a second thought to wax or razors again.

Mid-August is upon us!  Now is the time to begin summer skin preparation. The average person requires between six to twelve treatments – so there’s still just enough time to get your skin summer ready.

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