Summer Skin Tips

Finally! Summer has arrived! Longer days, plenty of outdoor activity, or just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. As much as we love the sun and all the fun it brings, our skin, however, does not. Now is the time to be mindful of how you’re taking care of your precious skin in these months when the New Zealand sunshine is at its zenith!



Wear safe, non-toxic sunscreen, even on cloudy days

Most of us just adore being out in the sunshine, playing on the beach, swimming in New Zealand’s beautiful oceans and lakes, but take the time to think about how all this exposure is affecting our skin. The sun, especially in New Zealand, is harmful to the fine outer layers of our skin, as well as the deeper layers over time. The Cosmetic Clinic’s skincare range offers the perfect defense against these powerful rays. The Balense Protect UV Defiance Sunscreen is 50+ SPF and is a cosmedical product that has been scientifically formulated to protect the skin from sun damage. Make sure you have enough on hand for the whole summer – even on cloudy days when UV’s are still dangerous!




Removing dead, dry, damaged skin cells from the surface of your skin gives you a fresh, more youthful, summery glow. Exfoliation also helps to stimulate collagen regeneration, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. The best kind of exfoliation treatment is our signature 10 Step Microdermabrasion – a must for anyone wanting a fresh summer skin feel. This treatment polishes all the dead skin cells from the surface with a diamond-tipped wand and can revitalise your skin through a series of deep cleansing. Or if you’re short on time, our Express Microdermabrasion is the ultimate skin pick-me-up for summer – and this month it’s on special!




Keep your skin in tiptop shape with daily moisturisation. It’s also a good time to give your face a mini-massage as well. Never skimp on moisturiser in the summer – it’s so important to keep your skin hydrated from the outside as well as keeping yourself hydrated within. Our Balense range of skincare transforms your skin using eco-conscious ingredients, combining the beauty of nature and science to rejuvenate your skin. Our popular BRIGHTEN package is perfect for summer days with the Next Generation Cleanser + SRC, Illuminate Brightening Serum, ReBalense Moisturiser – Skin Bright, and UV Defiance SPF 50+ in a complimentary and handy clutch, ideal for popping in your summer getaway overnight bag!



Summer snoozes

Even though in New Zealand the sunshine stays around a lot longer than in the winter, your skin still needs plenty of sleep to stay fresh and lustrous. Not getting enough shuteye can lead to an imbalance of stress hormones, causing tired looking skin, sagging, puffy eyes, and reduced production of collagen. Collagen is our skins best friend! Without it we begin to lose elasticity, leading to tired, dreary, dull skin. This is not what we want for summer – so make sure you get loads of sleepy time as well as loads of summer fun!



Water, Water, Water!

Hydration is key! As human beings we are made up of around 80% water, so we need to maintain our levels of hydration to minimise the damage that dehydration and drying out can cause. Drinking plenty of water helps all your bodily functions work better including how your skin looks and feels. Staying hydrated means toxins are eliminated, flushed from the body, causing your kidneys to stay clean and efficient. Kidney function has a direct effect on the skin so it’s really important to drink enough water every day. A little tip from TCC – every time you’re in the kitchen, have a full glass of water. Before you know it, you’ll have had your daily dose of regenerating fluids to keep you soft, supple, hydrated, and fresh!


For more information about our summer specials, head to our Promotions page to get the very best in exceptional products at exceptional prices!