Laser Hair Removal for Brunettes!

Come over to the Dark Side

Laser Hair Removal for Brunettes!


Thought your hair was too thick or dark for laser to work? Think again! You’re actually the perfect candidate!

The truth is, darker, coarser hair is actually ideal for Laser Hair Removal and here’s why…


Lasers are targeted pulses of light that destroy hair at the root, significantly reducing any further growth from that follicle. The light of the laser is highly attracted to pigment (colour), therefore the thicker and darker your hair is, the more target there is for the laser, meaning a more effective treatment!

Some of our clients had believed that laser hair removal wouldn’t work for them because of the thickness and colour of their hair, or that it would be too painful, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The treatment for laser hair removal is actually not as painful as you might think – especially for those with thicker, darker hair.


Of course, every person has a unique tolerance level, but our clients have consistently stated that the treatment was far less uncomfortable than they thought it would be. One client likened it to tiny rubber bands flicking the skin. Another said it was no more painful than the raspy lick of a cats tongue. Plus we use a special cooling device which cools the skin, helping to alleviate any tenderness and keeping you comfortable during the treatment.

Thicker, darker, coarser hair also tends to cause more severe side effects from shaving & waxing such as ingrown hairs & folliculitis (infected hair follicles). You can say goodbye to these unwanted and unsightly blemishes with laser hair removal. Imagine – no more shaving rash!


At The Cosmetic Clinic we have two different kinds of lasers and each is suited to different types of skin and hair. Our laser that is perfect for darker hair and skin minimises any chances of side effects such as hyperpigmentation, darker spots or areas, and hypopigmentation where the skin lightens. It’s really important to make sure you have the right laser for your skin and hair type which is why it’s so important to have your laser hair removal done by a professional technician with extensive training. All of our technicians go through rigorous training at The Cosmetic Clinic to ensure our clients get the best and safest results possible.


To help us achieve these results, we do ask that you shave before your treatment. There is a really good reason for this…

When you shave before your laser hair removal treatment you are making sure the laser light focuses on the hair root, not the hair that is already above the skin. We want to target the hair follicle, the root beneath the skin, to destroy the root and inhibit growth. This gives us the best environment for a successful treatment. So please – SHAVE prior to your treatment!


When you do decide it’s time to kiss goodbye to razors, waxing, and unsightly regrowth and rashes, make sure you come and see us for a free consultation to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.