Advanced skin analysis for better results

We are excited to announce our brand new technology, the OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis machine. This advanced camera technology means that our expert dermal technicians are able to see deep within the layers of your skin to fully assess any damage, imperfections, or corrections we can help with.

Why is this so exciting? First of all, it’s FREE! All you need to do is make an appointment at  The Cosmetic Clinic nearest to you and we will give you an in-depth skin assessment using the new OBSERVE 520 technology for free.

It’s also exciting because it gives our dermal technicians and skin specialists an even better, more well-rounded, and intensive look into the deeper layers of your skin. This means we can take restorative action to repair where we can and rejuvenate your skin using the best products and treatments for your skins concerns. Being able to match the treatments to the issues means we are able to give you better results.


How does it work?


It really is quite amazing how the technology works. The Observ 520 takes six photographic images with different lights using an advanced camera. These varying lights penetrate the layers of the skin and highlight different areas, consistencies, textures, and levels within the skin. This provides greater insight into skin concerns and potential damage that is not noticeable to the naked eye, giving our dermal technicians the ability to treat our clients applicably.


Six Modes of Skin Analysis

There are 6 different modes that the advanced camera uses to focus on varying depths of the skin. Each of these modes highlights different concerns, or levels of concern.


This is what the skin looks like in natural daylight environments. This is perfect for before and afters.


Suppressing the skin’s surface shine, we can see the dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammations and pigmentation residing beneath the other epidermis.


This mode shows an enhanced view of the skin’s surface. This will show fine lines, micro relief, wrinkles, texture and pore size.


Abnormalities on the surface or in the deeper layers create fluorescence patterns that stand out from surrounding healthy skin. We can also identify oily parts of the skin.


This mode shows secretions and gives us a clear view of the amount of hydration and oil flow in the skin. It also shows loss of integrity within the skin tissue.


The last mode reveals a look into the future of your skin if any damage or irregularities are not fixed.


How does the free consultation work?


When you book into your nearest The Cosmetic Clinic for your free OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis, one of our specialist dermal technicians will walk you through the process. It’s painless, harmless, and quick and easy to do on your lunch break!

Our technician will take you into the analysis room, show you the machine and talk you through what they need you to do. It’s a simple process. You sit on a stool, place your head into the curtained area, resting your chin on a small and comfortable stand. The technician will ask you to straighten your head to the point where they have the optimal view for the camera and then they will ask you to remain as still as possible and to close your eyes.

While the process is running through the six images, you will experience bright lights flashing behind your eyelids. The imaging process takes only a couple of minutes, and once the images are taken the technician will take you through the results. This is the really exciting part!


The Results!


The dermal technician will take you through the results of your consultation, looking at each of the images with you and explaining what they mean, where the damage or imperfections are, and lastly, what your skin is likely to look like if left untreated. Because you are sitting with the therapist and can see the images yourself, this can be a little scary – but that’s why we are here to help! Yes – you may look at the images and not understand what you are seeing, but your dermal technician is there to talk you through each image and what the image is showing. This way, when your technician is explaining the treatments that can help rejuvenate and repair the damage you both see in the images, you can gain an understanding of what treatments are needed and why. What’s great is that we are now able to give you a detailed, structured, and applicable to your skin issues plan that will have the best results to repair and rejuvenate your particular skin concerns.


With our new OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis we are able to create unique, tailored skin treatment plans that will be of the absolute best benefit to you and your skin. So, to truly understand how to best rejuvenate and repair your skin, book in today at your nearest The Cosmetic Clinic for your FREE consultation and skin analysis and find out how we can help you look good and feel great!