The Benefits of LED Light Therapy

How many of us want healthy, radiant, glowing skin? The kind of skin that gets ‘wow’ comments. The kind of skin you just want to stare at in the mirror? The kind of skin that brightens up a room! Yes, thanks! Pick me!

What if this gorgeously glowing skin could be yours? It can! At The Cosmetic Clinic our LED Light Therapy treatment harnesses the miraculous healing power of light, giving you a total skin rejuvenation solution – and it’s so simple!

LED Light Therapy sends soothing energy deep into the tissue, working at a cellular level to help combat active acne, reduce redness and rosacea, stimulate collagen production, induce faster, more effective healing, and more. And – it doesn’t hurt, is safe for all skin types, tones, and conditions. It is completely non-invasive, pain-free, and is safe even if you a pregnant or breastfeeding – bring on the yummy-mummy skin!

Healing beyond treatment time

Amazingly, LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy goes on healing and transforming your skin after the treatment itself has ended. The light is merely the ‘GO’ button to the healing process. This means the healing effects of your treatment continue beyond your appointment. As the production of collagen begins to decrease as we age, wrinkles begin to form as elasticity lessens. LED Light Therapy stimulates the promotion of collagen production, helping to repair skin and reduce wrinkles. It also helps pre and post-operative bruising.

Post-treatment Gold

As a post-treatment treat, LED Light Therapy is a great way to get the most out of an exfoliating treatment like our signature 10 step microdermabrasion or one of our medi-aesthetic peels. Exfoliating treatments help rejuvenate the skin by restoring elasticity and removing dead-skin cells and build-up in the top layers of your skin, revealing a clean and polished glow. By adding an LED Light Therapy session post-treatment, these benefits will intensify, the light working deeper into your skin cells, encouraging natural healing.

Our LED Light Therapy treatment is relaxing as well as beneficial and can also assist with pain relief, superficial skin lesions, rosacea, burns and as an addition to your advanced skin care regimen. Plus, if you book a 10-Step Microdermabrasion during August, you’ll receive our LED Light Therapy add-on for FREE!

To book in a free consultation or to book your microdermabrasion and add-on LED treatment, contact your nearest clinic today.