The secret to minimising pores

Open and enlarged pores are a concern experienced by men and women alike, with the two main causes being genetics and age.

Ageing causes pores to become enlarged in appearance because as our skin elasticity reduces, the walls of the pore lose structure. This then causes our pores to appear larger and more obvious. While we may not be able to stop ageing or change our genetics, we can help reduce the appearance of ageing by using the right skin care, investing in anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatments, and finding a great mineral make-up range to help minimise the visibility of large open pores.


Cleansers & Exfoliators

It is essential to keep your pores clean and unclogged. Excess sebum, dirt and oil can become trapped in your pores, which not only expands the diameter but can oxidise and turn a darker colour, causing your pores to be even more obvious. By keeping the pores free from bacteria and debris you’ll allow them to receive the right nutrients and minimise the appearance.

We recommend Balense Microdermal Cleansing Scrub to help reveal a hydrated, polished complexion. This product is a non-drying, sulphate-free cleanser with smooth Jojoba exfoliating beads and encapsulated salicylic acid for dual exfoliating action.


Serums & Moisturisers

Serums and moisturisers are important for keeping the skin in a healthy condition and protecting the skin from the environment. Look out for serums containing Vitamin C for the daytime and Vitamin A for the night-time. When applied to your newly cleansed and polished skin, it will literally drink up the nutritional boost.



This is where make-up meets magic! A pore-minimising primer will form a smooth base and fill in large pores so that your foundation will glide over them. This will help create a smooth finish by the end of your makeup application.



We recommend opting for a mineral makeup, free of talc and oils. Talc and oils are notorious pore-blockers because of their small molecule size. Mineral makeup allows skin to breathe and not clog pores.


Treatments for open pores

There are several treatments that will help open pores. At The Cosmetic Clinic we favour medi-aesthetic face peels or micro-needling and the use of the Balense skincare range depending upon your skin type and the severity. To discover which treatment would best suit you, book a complimentary consultation at your closest The Cosmetic Clinic.