Common Cleansing Mistakes

If you’re already taking care of your skin, or you recently started thinking about it, that’s awesome! We’d love to support you on your journey to your best skin, every day.

So, we thought we should let you in on some not-so-secret cleansing habits that are super common, but don’t serve your skin in ANY way at all. Let’s break them down to understand what mistakes you could be making and more importantly, WHY they could cause troubled skin.


Not removing your makeup before cleansing

We’ve got one word for you: double-cleanse (well, two words really)! Always remember to wash your make-up off before you begin your cleanse. This will yield the best results for your skin and save your precious cleanser from foaming up into a soapy, make-up-filled concoction on your face. There’s no point in cleansing your skin by rubbing in the makeup you haven’t removed. Use a specialised makeup remover first or makeup wipes. We recommend a gentle but deep cleanser that is safe to use every day like the Balense Hydrating Gentle Cleanser.


Forgetting to wash your hands first

Public Transport. Shoes. Food. Pets. Dirty dishes… think about all the things you touch in a day. Please remember to wash your hands BEFORE you wash your face. You remember to do it before sitting down to eat, so it should be easy enough to remember to do it before you get stuck into your skin care routine.


Over exfoliating

Yes, exfoliation leaves you feeling great and silky smooth, but too much of anything can damage your skin. If you over exfoliate your skin, you might be left feeling red and raw, and can risk breaking the skin or stripping away too much of the skin’s natural oils and sebum. Exfoliating gently twice a week is plenty to remove the dead skin and any other nasties without damaging the protective layer on the top of your skin. We love the Balense Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub for beautifully smooth skin.


Using scorching hot water

Water that is too cold or too hot is less than ideal for your skin. Ideally, you’ll be using lukewarm water to wash away your day’s make-up, cleanse and rinse. Using water that is too hot means you’re at risk of bursting capillaries and irritating the natural balance of oils in your skin. Too cold, and you could cause your pores to shrink immediately and trap all the nasties inside.


Using the wrong skin care products for your skin type

If you’ve got oily skin, look for a cleanser for oily skin, and if you’ve got dry skin, try to make sure you’re using a cleanser that will address that problem for you. While you’re in the shops examining the cleanser bottle for dry or oily or somewhere in the middle, flip it over and have a read of the ingredients. No matter your skin type, try to avoid any sulphates and parabens, as they are notorious skin irritants and instead, only use products that have natural hydrators. Book a FREE Observe 520 skin analysis consultation with one of our highly-trained staff at The Cosmetic Clinic and they can tell you exactly what is going on with your skin and what skin care products will assist with the results you want.


Drying your face enthusiastically

Rubbing your face roughly with a towel after cleansing does not have the same benefit that gentle exfoliation does. Save your skin from irritation, inflammation, and, in the long term, wrinkles, as a result from the dreaded towel rub. Instead, try and make a moment of it by pretending you’re in an advertisement for a day spa, and pat the towel on your face gently. So zen.


Forgetting to moisturise afterwards

While your face is damp with the fresh moisture of a recently cleansed and patted-dry face, apply your moisturiser! Trap in the moisture to ensure your skin stays nice and hydrated. There’s no crime in reapplying another layer of moisturiser just before you sleep, too. At night there’s nothing quite like giving your skin a good quenching drink of one of our Balense serums. Moisturiser locks in your natural moisture so use the serum first to replenish, hydrate, and repair your skin, then your moisturiser to lock that goodness in!


Everyone can take action towards having clear, bright and flawless skin, every day. If these 7 common cleansing mistakes have you wondering what else you could be doing to take better care of your skin, book a skin analysis and consultation with one of our trained dermal technicians at your local The Cosmetic Clinic.