What to expect when expecting lip fillers

So, you’re trying lip fillers for the first time! Trust us, we know this can be daunting, so we’ve put together a few of our most commonly asked questions around lip fillers. Before you book your treatment, it’s important to do a little research of your own to ensure your experience is as positive and as smooth as possible. And remember, all of our Cosmetic Injectors at The Cosmetic Clinic are Registered Nurses with plenty of experience in the industry!

I know I want my lips done; do I still need a consultation?

Yes. Lip fillers require a medical professional’s assessment, so all clients are required to undertake a consultation.


What will my lips look like?

Your lip end goals are important to us so make sure you discuss your lip goals in detail with your professional cosmetic injector. It is also important keep your expectations and goals realistic as our injectors love enhancing the natural beauty of a clients’ lips and some requests might be out of the realm of possibility. Everyone’s lip shape is different and lip fillers can only enhance your own gorgeous lips – results will vary depending on your own starting point. It can also take multiple sessions to achieve the desired enhancement.


How should I prepare for my treatment?

Make sure you avoid blood thinners like pain killers, vitamin E, and fish oil at least three days before your treatment. Also let your injector know if you have a history of cold sores, as you may need to take preventative medication. Your injector will give you care instructions for before and after your treatment so it’s important for you to follow them carefully!


Do lip fillers hurt?

This will depend on the individual as everyone has a unique pain tolerance. The injections themselves feel like a slight pinch, accompanied with slight pressure or ‘stinging’ sensation as the product is being injected. While the needle used is very small, slight bruising and bleeding can occur in the areas of injection. You have the option to have your lips numbed with a topical numbing cream and this is recommended for your first time.


How long will my appointment take?

The actual treatment itself should only take between 15-30 minutes. This may be extended if you are having other areas treated at the same time.


When can I expect to see results?

Results can be seen almost immediately after treatment but remember that your lips will be swollen from the procedure. The degree of swelling varies from person to person and cannot be predicted. We recommend not having your lip fillers done if you have an important event within the first few days after the treatment. To help reduce the swelling, we recommend:

–       Ice your lips intermittently throughout the evening

–       Sleep with a slightly elevated head

–       Avoid exercising for 24 hours

–       Avoid a hot shower that evening


During the healing process, it is completely normal to experience some minor bruising and even sometimes slight unevenness. But don’t stress! Once the swelling has gone down, you’ll start to see the final results of your treatment.


What will my lips feel like afterwards?

For the first 48 hours, it’s completely normal for them to feel quite firm. This feeling is due to a combination of swelling and the filler. Over the next two weeks they’ll gradually soften. Some clients experience a completely natural feel and wonder if the product worked – don’t worry, it did! Some people just react differently to the product. It’s also completely normal to have some areas where you ‘feel’ the filler. This is also nothing to be concerned about as your injector may have injected more product into that specific area to even out any misshaping of your lips.


How long will my new lips last?

This will all depend on many factors that are individual to you, including your skin type, skin condition, lifestyle, and age – as well as the type and amount of product used. After your first treatment, follow-up sessions are normally recommended every 6 to 12 months depending on those factors. A treatment of the lips can last up to six months.


If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, or you’d like to speak to one of our expert Cosmetic Injectors about how to enhance your own beautiful smile, contact your local The Cosmetic Clinic for a complimentary consultation today.