Our Simple Skin Care Guide for Busy People

Whether you spend the best part of the day in an office or are busy with the kids at home  (or both!) make sure to keep an eye out for signs of dehydration in your skin.


The skin on our face often shows the first signs of dehydration and moisture loss. If your face is starting to look shiny with artificial lines, dull and splotchy, or just plain sagging, it’s time to take note! We know you’re busy, but a healthy glow can be achieved with these simple tips to better skin!


Cleansing is Crucial

Nowadays, skin care routines can range from 3 steps to even 10 steps or more! One thing they all have in common is cleansing. Deeply cleansing your skin is important to help ensure your pores are clean, clear, and ready to be nourished. We love the Balense Hydrating Gentle Cleanser because its sulphate-free foaming action helps preserve moisture levels while removing environmental pollutants, dirt, and makeup. Plus, it contains blue-green micro-algae to re-energise the appearance of your skin in no time!


Leave Exfoliation to the Experts

Squeeze a cheeky treatment into your day with an Express Microdermabrasion at your local The Cosmetic Clinic. This treatment helps remove dead and dry skin cells to bring back a healthy glow after a long day. Even better, this treatment is only 20-minutes which is perfect for those with a busy schedule. You can even squeeze one in during your lunch break!

Close your eyes and relax while your trained technician at The Cosmetic Clinic pampers you, and you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle your day in a flash.


Bring Your Beauty Sleep to the Next Level

Your skin does its best work throughout the night. Take advantage of this and revitalise your skin with Balense’s Rebalense Enzymatic Sleep Masque. This little gem is nutrient rich and high in broad spectrum B’s, EFA’s and essential amino acids which can help accelerate your skin’s renewal process. Not only does this product offer strategic, gentle, and efficient exfoliation of dead skin cells, but also helps provides prolonged moisturisation. All you need to do is apply this before bed to help bring your beauty sleep to the next level!


If you’d like a personalised skin care routine developed to suit your busy lifestyle, book now with one of our expert technicians at The Cosmetic Clinic for a complimentary skin assessment!