Skincare at Home: The Do’s and Don’ts

As you are well aware, our nationwide clinics are temporarily closed as we support the government in helping to eradicate this terrible virus. You might be reaching that point in the lockdown where you feel your skin needs a little more TLC. It can become tempting to try and recreate our treatments at home, so we decided to list our biggest do’s and don’ts for skincare at home while waiting for our clinics to re-open.


DON’T – attempt an at-home laser treatment.

Firstly, home laser hair removal products are a lot less effective in comparison to the equipment at our clinics. At-home laser products are often just intense pulsed light (IPL). Unlike laser hair removal, IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light wavelengths that works more like the beam from a torch, covering broader areas of the skin. Our Laser Hair Removal uses medical-grade laser technology that targets specific, small, controlled areas of skin, significantly reducing the risk of damage any of the surrounding skin and tissue. This control is why our treatments are more effective, while IPL can take multiple sessions before seeing significant results.


DO – continue shaving in between your treatments.

You may be worried about losing your laser hair removal results, but don’t fret! Missing your scheduled appointment just delays your laser hair removal journey. You may notice your hair more than usual during this time and that’s just your normal hair cycle running its course. The hair follicles that have been zapped with our medical-grade laser should be gone for good. Continue shaving as to not disrupt the hair cycle while we wait to see you again when our clinics re-open. Avoid waxing as it can alter your laser hair removal journey!


DON’T – attempt derma-rolling at home without the right precautions!

As we lose access to skin treatments, it can be tempting to try and recreate those results at home by ordering various at-home skin treatment products. The derma-roller has been one of those products that have been on the rise for at-home treatments. Before starting derma-rolling, it is important to consider many factors such as your current skin condition and routine, derma-roller used, and sanitization routine. Some skin conditions can be further irritated with a derma-roller and if a poorly made product is used, you could be damaging your skin for no reason. Also, disinfecting the product incorrectly could then lead to breakouts and infections and can damage your skin even further! Unless you have been able to be properly assessed and advised by your dermal technician, we recommend waiting until you have an appointment before starting new at-home techniques such as derma-rolling.


DO – keep up with your skincare routine.

We know you may have concerns on whether you will lose your results if you’re unable to come in for your treatment, which is why it’s so important to continue your skincare routine! Keeping up with your skincare regime is a key part in maintaining those amazing results. Our Balense skincare range is full of high-performing, cos-medical grade skincare with a variety of products to suit all skin types and skin concerns. Our highly trained dermal technicians would have discussed your at-home regime with you, but we are still available to be reached for any questions you may have on how to keep your best skin at home!


DON’T – forget your sun care even if you’re mostly at home!

Entering the colder season, we often forget cloudy days still mean the presence of UV rays. Whilst we’re stuck at home, it’s even more tempting to skip the sun care altogether. In reality, UV rays can still reach through your window and penetrate your skin so it’s important to still stay on top of your sun care! We recommend wearing sunscreen not only on your isolation strolls outside but also on sunny days by your window! The Balense SPF 50+ is great for daily use!


DO – nourish yourself from the inside out!

A lot of factors can affect your skin, including diet and stress levels. We know many lifestyles have changed drastically and the uncertainty of the pandemic can be affecting many of us in a variety of ways. We want to emphasize how important it is to do your best and remember to take care of yourself. Finding ways to rest and relax as well as maintaining a well-rounded diet (there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some extra chocolate from Easter weekend!) can do wonders for your skin alone. So just remember to stay safe, be kind, and take care of yourself!


We are here for you! The Cosmetic Clinic was set up 25 years ago in 1996 by a Cosmetic Physician. Since then, our clinics have followed the safest and most hygienic guidelines, which is recognized by our loyal customers. The staff at The Cosmetic Clinic are all qualified and undergo consistent, on-going specialist training to ensure your safety is in the best of hands. For any questions you may have, feel free to contact us here or reach out on our Facebook or Instagram. We are here to support YOU!