Laser Hair Removal – FAQ’s answered!

Laser Hair Removal treatments are becoming more and more popular each year and it’s no surprise! From reduced hair growth, a better environmental impact (less disposable razors!), and being better for your bank account, there is no surprise that many people are ditching the wax and the razors and swapping to Laser Hair Removal!

If you’ve never had Laser Hair Removal before, it almost sounds too good to be true. How does it work? Is my hair really gone forever? Does it hurt? For those who are looking into Laser Hair Removal but not too sure where to start, we’ve gathered our most Frequently Asked Questions about this amazing treatment below!


How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the hair root or blood supply using a concentrated beam of light. This light is absorbed by pigment, damaging the follicle and rendering it incapable of growing hair. This can help to result in long-lasting reduction in the hair growth of the treated area.


What does it feel like and does it hurt?

Some patients may find laser hair removal uncomfortable, but not ‘painful.’ Some say that compared to waxing, laser hair removal is a breeze but with even better results! The lasers used at The Cosmetic Clinic are among the latest and best in the industry. It includes a feature that blows cold air onto the area being treated to help reduce any possible discomfort. Following the treatment, your skin may be a little red, like a mild sunburn, but this should pass quickly. Your technician will help advise you on the best ways to help reduce this.


Is my hair gone forever?

Laser hair removal is an effective, permanent hair reduction treatment. A proper treatment regime can result in long-term hair-free skin. In some people, hair never even returns! (Keep in mind, results may vary.)


How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in ‘cycles’ and laser hair removal targets hair during growth phases. Most clients require between six to twelve treatments, timed 4-6 weeks apart to help achieve the desired, hair-free result. However, most patients notice a different after the first treatment, with hair growth being finer. Just keep in mind, every patient is different! Your technician will help advise you on the best treatment course for your needs.


Can I get Laser Hair Removal with my hair colour/my skin tone?

At The Cosmetic Clinic, treatments are performed using industry-leading laser technology. We have different lasers available and can offer successful treatments to help a huge range of skin tone and hair colours! Unfortunately, we are unable to treat red, white, or grey hair. Your technician will assess you to make sure you are receiving the best and safest treatment possible!


Still looking into Laser Hair Removal? Book a FREE consultation at your local clinic today! Your technician can answer any further questions you may have and will help find treatments that are most suitable to you and your skin!