Injectables and their many uses

When thinking of cosmetic injectables, many people’s first thoughts are Dermal Filler, Botox, and Dysport.

This can be scary to some, which can put them off the idea of injectables entirely. What’s amazing about cosmetic injectables is that they can treat a variety of concerns that you didn’t even know could be treated! Here are some of the concerns that can be treated, right here at The Cosmetic Clinic!


Excessive Sweating

Injectables don’t always mean fillers, and this is one of the best examples! Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is an extremely common concern and many don’t even know it can be treated. Tiny quantities of muscle relaxant injections (like those used in anti-wrinkle treatments) can be used to reduce areas of excessive sweating around the body. This is done by injecting just below the skin’s surface, blocking the nerve impulses that direct the sweat glands to sweat.


Gummy Smile

Cosmetic injectables are also more adjustable to our needs than we realise! For example, Lip Filler treatments aren’t just for adding volume, but they can help with other desired results as well! We offer our ‘Lips Re-defined’ package that can include treatment for gummy smiles at an everyday price of only $499! However, treatments can always be adjusted to the amount needed for you and your lips specifically. Gummy smiles can also be treated with anti-wrinkle injections as well, in cases where Dermal Filler may not be ideal. As always, it’s best to come in for a FREE consultation with one of our highly trained cosmetic injectors to figure out what’s best suitable for you and your needs.


Fat Reduction

To help reduce any stubborn or unwanted fullness in a double chin, we use a product called Belkyra. Belkyra is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which can help tighten and firm the skin and is different to a Dermal Filler. It can reduce submental fullness in a double chin but is not used for other areas. Belkyra works by dissolving the fat cells and, when used in conjunction with 2mls of filler, can give a more defined jaw line. Otherwise, Dermal Filler can be used to contour, shape, and give the appearance of slimming by pulling back and giving lift when injected into certain areas of the face.


Teeth grinding

Those who have trouble with teeth grinding in their sleep could also benefit from cosmetic injectables! Teeth grinding can take a toll on some people’s lifestyles and wellbeing, as it can have an effect on their teeth and include side effects such as headaches. We can help treat teeth grinding with Dysport, what we use for our anti-wrinkle treatments! Dysport can be injected into the masseter muscle, the main muscle that we use for biting and chewing. As Dysport is a muscle relaxant, this can help prevent the muscle from clenching and grinding as you sleep. This can bring some life-changing results to our clients, with many coming back with positive comments after trying this treatment.


Those are some of the other uses for cosmetic injectables that may not be as commonly known! At The Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in helping our clients be the best versions of themselves every day. Our highly trained cosmetic injectors are here for you and will work with you to find the right treatments to suit you and your needs. If you’re interested in cosmetic injectables, or any of our other treatments, book a FREE consultation at your local clinic today!