Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Balense

Is it time to update your skincare regime? It can be so overwhelming when you start looking online and see all these different skincare brands – there are so many to choose from! BUT, not to worry. You’ve come to the right place! Our experts have done the research for you and found a brand that has all the right ingredients and none of the nasty stuff.


Here are our top 5 reasons why we love Balense skincare:


1.     HylaTech® Active Delivery.

HylaTech ® Active Delivery technology is one of the reasons Balense® products are so high performing. The way it works is a slow-release delivery of hydration and active ingredients on the skin which help enhance results and can give you prolonged visible results too!


2.     Cosmeceutical Ingredients!

Cosmeceutical products are those that sit between cosmetic-grade and pharmaceutical grade products. It means that the product contains ingredients that are high performance and hand-picked based on scientific evidence.


3.     Fragrance, Sulphate and Paraben free

Founder of Balense and cosmetic chemist, Wendy Reiner believes that if an ingredient gives no benefit to the skin nor functions to stabilise a product formulation, then it shouldn’t be included. Balense® uses a beetroot derivative called betaine in place of sulphates. It’s a cleansing ingredient that doesn’t dry out your skin. Good stuff eh!


4.     Vegan friendly and cruelty free

Balense® is totally cruelty free and they’ve committed to never test on animals too. They also confirm that none of their ingredients are tested on animals either. PLUS they use biodegradable beads to protect marine life and waterways when you’ve washed it down the drain.


5.     Customisable for what YOU need

It’s an easy 4 step system with a bunch of different options at each and every step. This means that your 4 steps can be tailored to skin type, needs, as well as short- and long-term skin goals!


Contact your local clinic and book a FREE Observ 520 skin analysis and we can create a customized and informed treatment plan for your skin!