What to expect with your Cosmelan Treatment

At The Cosmetic Clinic, we offer the most comprehensive Cosmelan Pigmentation Program on the market.

The program is a 7-month commitment to your skin, and the results are truly worth it! Here is what you can expect when you choose to have your Cosmelan treatment with us.


4 weeks prior to Cosmelan Peel

We start by having you in clinic for a complimentary Observ consultation with one of our highly trained experts, who will assess your skin and determine if Cosmelan is right for you.

Prepping products will be recommended to use at home to ensure that your skin is ready for this advanced skin treatment.

For optimum results it is recommend that you have a 10 Step High Performance Microdermabrasion treatment 10 days prior to the Cosmelan Peel.


Day of treatment (in-clinic)

Once your skin is prepped, it’s time for the in-clinic Cosmelan treatment! We will carefully apply the Cosmelan mask, which is essentially a strong type of medi-aesthetic peel, and this will remain on your skin for 8 to 12 hours!

For this reason, we highly recommend booking a morning appointment as the Cosmelan Mask cannot be slept in. After the specified time has passed, you will remove the mask at home and apply the provided recovery products for the next 72 hours.


7 days after in-clinic treatment

Seven days later, you will return to clinic for a review consultation – so we can monitor your treatment progression.


The next 6 months
Over the next few weeks, your skin will begin to shed as you continue to apply the at-home depigmentation products. Results can be seen within just weeks of the treatment; however, it’s important to continue your product application for the next 6-months to ensure the best possible results.


Your Cosmetic Clinic technician will be there with you through every step of this exciting journey and once your program is complete you will see a visible reduction in the appearance of your pigmentation! For more information please contact your local clinics.