COVID’s influence on Aesthetic Procedures

Face coverings and masks, now an accessory we (literally) cannot leave the house without, and physical socialising still at a complete stop in Auckland and done with caution throughout the rest of the country, it made us look over the last year since COVID-19 first appeared and to assess the treatment trends that have since occurred since our last lockdown ceased.


Many experts in the aesthetic and cosmedicine industry world-wide have noticed an increase and shift in certain treatments being performed, and you will be surprised to know that some of this is due to downtime being a lot more manageable (with lockdowns), mask wearing that is able to hide some of the downtime post-op such as bruising, through to the dynamics of business meetings being conducted online now more than ever, and people being more self-aware seeing themselves online.

Such treatment procedures include injectable treatments such as filler and neurotoxin muscle relaxants, invasive surgeries such as brow lifts, rhinoplasty and eye lid surgeries, and even extensive chemical peeling or laser resurfacing to address skin complexion irregularities.

Not only are some people making the most of the time availability to have those advanced treatment options, but people are also planning ahead for the future post COVID-19 when we are able to travel again and have those all exciting, postponed events.

So, what’s driving the interest in aesthetic procedures as of late and how do wearing masks encourage this? Our team at The Cosmetic Clinic Newmarket gives us the run down.

With the explosion of video conferences, people are hyper-sensitive of their appearance. Also, with the increase in flexibility with work since COVID-19 for many, this allows people to not miss out on social or work events while they are recuperating at home from intensive treatment procedures or wanting to take the next step with their skin treatments. With the additional lifestyle changes since the pandemic, and potentially more savings from not travelling and dining out, this has enabled some people to just ‘go for it’ and schedule their procedures or at least a consultation.

But, not only for the above reasons are we looking into advanced treatment options; wearing a mask highlights our upper face features, and some of us that are hugely expressive can look heavily lined on the forehead and/or our eyes can look tired and stand out. Hyper-pigmentation can look pronounced against the contrast of our masks, and/or it allows us to treat the breakout or pigmentation below the mask that is not going to be exposed to sunlight for a period so we can ensure prime results. Zoom meetings and seeing only our face, has led some clients to address ‘slimming’ their jawline and creating more of a feature with their chin or checkbones and having filler injected to provide a more youthful appearance and contour.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly shifted the way we think about aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures.

So, what are on your wish lists? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts on how COVID-19 has enabled you to do something you wouldn’t have normally been able to do, or what are your optimum goals with skin restoration? We look forward to seeing you soon in clinic and providing an in-depth analysis and treatment plan to achieve your goals!


With love,

The Cosmetic Clinic


This post was kindly written by our Clinic Manager, Michelle Black from our Newmarket Clinic.