The Complete Guide to Skin Resurfacing: Part Two

Now that you’ve read Part One and understand a bit more about the skin, it’s layers and it’s natural turnover process, we’ll delve into some of our favourite – and most popular – treatments that support your skin through efficient skin resurfacing.


Skin & Laser technician, Holly, explains how chemical peels can provide efficient skin resurfacing- “if your end goal is to achieve smoother skin complexion, refined stratum corneum as explained above, as well as promote a healthy cell turnover cycle within the skin, chemical peels are fantastic.”

There is an array of chemical peeling options out there in the industry which are dependent on several factors including suitability, concerns, and your desired results. Types of peels cater from superficial, mid-depth to deep chemical peeling with corresponding down time. At The Cosmetic Clinic we work with active and advanced superficial to mid-depth medi-aesthetic peels that work to achieve a radiant skin complexion, address skin concerns such as dehydration, acne, lack-lustre skin, hyper- pigmentation, ageing and much, much more.

A peel works by creating a controlled trauma to the skin, mimicking a wound and activating our natural healing processes within the skin from this stimulation. This cascade of wound healing stimulates collagen and elastin production, and peels also encourage skin resurfacing and exfoliation by breaking down the intercellular glue between the skin cells, sloughing away excess dead skin cells bringing fresh new skin cells to the surface of the skin. Peeling treatments have many benefits, but for the focus of this topic, they are excellent at resurfacing skin and with this, plumping and hydrating the skin complexion.

Most peeling treatments offer minimal downtime, can be done in a lunch hour and carried out regularly. Deep chemical peeling treatments require caution as they come with significant downtime, increase risk of adverse reactions and may not be suitable for you. For skin resurfacing purposes, you don’t need these extensive treatment solutions. Little and often are mostly all that is needed. Check out out medi-aesthetic peels here.


Skin & Laser Technician, Hailee, talks us through Microdermabrasion – “Skin resurfacing is something The Cosmetic Clinic specialises in.”

Microdermabrasion is one of the best ways to resurface your skin complexion and work to help achieve your skin goals. Microdermabrasion is a safe, effective, and inexpensive treatment that is suitable for any skin type making it super accessible to our clients.

Exfoliation is super important when it comes to wanting glowing, healthy, and hydrated skin. If we are not removing the dead skin cells that build upon our skin, there is no way the healthy new cells can move through to give the skin an amazing glow.

Texture is a very common skin concern, and regular exfoliation is a great way to buff any surface dead skin cells to reveal a smooth base. In our 10 Step Microdermabrasion, we use alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as well as a physical exfoliant- the diamond microdermabrasion exfoliating tip. These steps stimulate the process of cell renewal to effectively rejuvenate the skin.


To find out more about medi-aesthetic peels, microdermabrasions and the other skin resurfacing treatments we offer, book in for a free consultation with your local clinic.