25 Reasons To Choose The Cosmetic Clinic

Founded 25 years ago by a Cosmetic Physician way back in 1996, we’re part of an international network of over 120 clinics!  This year, we’re celebrating the big two five! Yes, 25 years of helping people just like you be the best versions of them.


To reflect on this milestone here our 25 reasons to choose The Cosmetic Clinic


Reason 1: Owned and Operated by Locals

Each and every clinic is owned by Kiwi’s who are part of your communities.


Reason 2: Trusted Since 1996

We were founded by a leading Cosmetic Physician 25 years ago, in 1996.


Reason 3: We’re Just Down The Road

We’ve got 15 clinics up and down New Zealand with many more on the way!


Reason 4: Part of an International Network

We’re part of an International Network including over 120 clinics!


Reason 5: Strict Laser Safety Standards

In New Zealand, the use of lasers is either unregulated or very lightly regulated depending on the region in which you live. We have adopted the theoretical impractical training required by Queensland department of health which has the strictest laser licensing requirements across New Zealand and Australia.


Reason 6: Qualified Staff

We have an extensive training program for all staff, and ongoing training every month! Any technician providing a laser or skin treatment has undergone many hours of training plus assessments prior to treating you.


Reason 7: Medical Directors

All staff are overseen by our medical directors who are experienced cosmetic physicians, keeping you safe.


Reason 8: Everyday Value

Being part of a large network has its benefits! One of which is our buying power. Allowing us to pass on those savings to you, with everyday value low prices.


Reason 9: Rewards For You

We love seeing you time and time again, so we reward you for it with Bluedollars for skin and laser!


Reason 10: Apprenticeships

Some of our clinics take on apprentices, giving people interested in the industry a paid head start and experience while obtaining their qualification.


Reason 11: MTAs

Mentor training ambassadors are highly experienced and trained technicians who set the example for our technicians all over the country. They ensure our technicians are enabled and supported to provide an exceptional level of quality in all treatments.


Reason 12: Price Promise

Seen it cheaper down the road? No worries! Show us the advertised price and we’ll beat it by 10%.


Reason 13: Payment Options

We want it… And we want it now! No problem we’ve got a bunch of ways to pay, including Afterpay, Humm and Laybuy so you CAN have it now!


Reason 14: Tailored Treatment Plans

All consultations are FREE so we can tailor your treatment plan based on your skin concerns and needs.


Reason 15: Medical Experts

All cosmetic injectors are registered medical professionals so you can be sure you’re in trusted hands.


Reason 16: Free Consultations

it’s a no brainer! Talk to your trusted advisor to find out what’s best for you and your skin concerns.


Reason 17: Latest Technology

We’re market leaders with the latest technology. Helping us to treat you as safely and efficiently as possible.


Reason 18: Balense

This cosmeceutical skin care is our absolute favourite at home product and we’re the only place in New Zealand you can buy it!


Reason 19: Results Driven Treatments

We thoroughly researched and tested every treatment before it’s available in our clinic, ensuring you’re getting safe, effective, and industry-leading treatments with us.


Reason 20: Book and Buy Online

Why make it hard? Book can buy online now. If you aren’t sure where to start or how many sessions you’ll need, book a FREE consultation online to get your journey started.


Reason 21: Dedicated Training Conference Each Year

Training is important to us. To practice what we preach here we hold a dedicated 2-day training conference for all our cosmetic injectors to keep them at the top of their game.


Reason 22: We Keep It Easy… and Affordable!

With packaged up some of our treatments that are for specific skin concerns (goodbye, acne) to make it simple and affordable for you.


Reason 23: Helping You Be The Best Version of You, Everyday

Our mission is to make you feel like the best version of you every day. Whether that’s fuzz free, under control acne or kissable lips, we’re here for you.


Reason 24: More than Your Trusted Advisor

Some of the treatments we offer are in intimate areas or tackling some very visible concerns for our clients. Our technicians are qualified and knowledgeable, talking you through treatment step-by-step, and being there for you throughout your journey.


Reason 25: Our Business Has a Training Team

We have a dedicated training team of full-time staff who constantly up-skill all of our staff and keep us at the top of our game with the best protocols, treatments, and equipment.