Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

What is one skincare product you should be reaching for every morning? Your sunscreen! Although most may think that you should only wear sunscreen when you’re outside and directly in the sun, ultraviolet rays are always present so you should be using it at an all-round defence no matter what time of year it is. Ultraviolet rays can catch you out too – cloudy days? Sitting by the window? In the car? In all of these places you’ll be catching those UV rays so it’s a good habit to wear sunscreen every day.


Why is sunscreen so important?

Sunscreen protects your skin from its external environment. While we all know that sunscreen will protect you from a sun burn, sun exposure in general can have many other effects – one of which is ageing!



Our top 3 benefits of using sunscreen everyday:

1.     Reduces signs of ageing

Being exposed to UV rays can damage the collagen in your skin, effectively ageing your skin, creating wrinkles and fine lines. By applying sunscreen every day, you are reducing the risk of developing signs of ageing. Making your skin look fresh and healthy for longer!


2.     Protect from sunburn

The main benefit that everyone knows about is how sunscreen protects your skin from sunburn. To prevent your skin from being damaged by sunburn, wear your sunscreen!


3.     Reduces Inflammation

Wearing your sunscreen everyday can help reduce inflammation caused by UV rays which is extremely beneficial for those who have sensitive skin or experience existing skin concerns such as rosacea.




Our favourite SPF products:

At The Cosmetic Clinic we have 4 SPF products that you will love!


1.     Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+

This Balense sunscreen is great for every day. It doubles as a hydrating lotion too with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as well as being lightweight, fast absorbing and non-ghosting!


2.     Aesthetic Rx Face & Body Sunscreen SPF50

This amazing sunscreen utilises patented, activated Vitamin D SPF technology to allow natural Vitamin D production in the skin while retaining its SPF50 factor.


3.     Aesthetics Rx Ultra Protection Sunscreen SPF50+

This is your perfect handbag companion! It’s non-greasy and matte so it sits well under makeup without leaving a white cast.


4.     Aesthetics Rx Tinted Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc SPF50+

To give you sheer sun-kissed skin while protecting you from UV rays.



To learn more about what sunscreen is right for you, book in for a FREE consultation at your nearest clinic.