Aesthetics RX: Biotechnology Ingredients In Skincare

We’re super excited to add another skincare product range in our clinics and it’s going to help you level up your at-home skincare game. Aesthetics RX have high levels of active ingredients so if you’ve been using Balense for a while now or have more mature skin, this might be your perfect next step.

Aesthetics RX has so many amazing qualities – its vegan, cruelty & paraben free. One of its unique features is how the advanced formulations are created using skin correcting anti-ageing ingredients based on plant cell culture and biotechnology. So, they choose naturally derived biotech ingredients with natural plant extracts and choose natural botanicals when suitable.



What is biotechnology in skincare?

Biotech ingredients are made in a lab by scientists who use living, naturally derived substances to recreate them or produce very similar raw ingredients. In this way the land, water and resources that would normally be required in farming is significantly reduced to almost zero! Examples include palm oil, hyaluronic acid and peptides but also fragrances! Biotechnology is a valuable mechanism in preserving natural resources and reducing costs of farming them.

Biotechnology also produces consistently high-quality ingredients. In nature the quality, colour and scent of a plant is affected by climate, season, soil, and so many variables that it is difficult to maintain 100% consistency of the raw ingredient each time it is harvested. This simply doesn’t happen with biotechnology. Using biotech ingredients means it looks, feels and smells consistent each and every time, and most importantly the quality and efficacy of the ingredient is maintained and incredibly, can even be improved on what nature originally intended. Don’t be put off by the science, remember, biotech ingredients are made from living, natural ingredients, they are different to synthetic, artificial ingredients.


Biotechnology sourced ingredients are good for your skin and nature

Some of the most effective ingredients in the Aesthetics Rx line up of anti-ageing formulations are sourced from biotechnology. Scientifically produced biotechnology ingredients in skincare using ingredients from natural, living compounds are the sustainable solutions for natural beauty and are amongst the safest, most well controlled raw ingredients used in skincare today. These products can transform your skincare regime and the results you are achieving, thanks to the quality assurances possible through biotech, plus they are good for the planet at the same time.

To learn more about our Aesthetics Rx products head into your local clinic and have a chat with one of our trusted advisors.