COVID-19 Update

The Cosmetic Clinic: COVID-19 Update


Auckland Clinics remain closed until further notice at Level 3.

Clinics outside of Auckland are open in Level 2.



So what does this mean for you?


Re-booking appointments:

As clinics are able to open safely, we will be doing everything we can to ensure bookings missed due to the change in Alert Levels will be re-booked and we will do our best to prioritise bookings based on dates and times booked.

Please be patient with us, as we have a large number of re-bookings to make. We apologise if we don’t answer your call as we may be busy on the other phone lines with other clients. Please leave a message and rest assured that we will call you back.

Given the potentially large volume of re-bookings, we do ask that you be flexible with your availability so that we can fit you in as early as possible.


Prepaid series – expiry dates

If you have a prepaid series on your account that is due to expire during or soon after the lockdown period, rest assured, we will extend these by 2 months.


Online Purchases and Bookings:

You can absolutely purchase future treatments here on our website for use when we’re able to open up again.

However, due to the changing situation with lockdowns, we have temporarily suspended the ability to make any appointment bookings – online or otherwise. This will open again in due course.


Safety and Hygiene Precautions for re-opening under Covid-19 Alert Level 2

We’re only able to open again safely under Alert Level 2. When we do so, we will follow all recommended guidelines to keep you, and our team as safe as possible.  Keep reading for our safety and hygiene precautions under Alert Level 2.



As per the government mandate, masks are mandatory during Level 2 within our clinics for all staff and clients. For any treatment that requires your face to be uncovered, we ask that you keep it on until your technician advises you to remove it and then please keep it handy to put it back on again as soon as your treatment has finished.

Our technicians will wear their mask throughout your entire time in clinic, as well as adhere to further health and safety measures outlined below.


Social Distancing:

As with all businesses, we have strict Social Distancing practices that apply to everyone while they are in the clinic (with the exception of the time during your treatments with our therapists).  This means that you must maintain a distance of at least one metre from other people in the waiting area and the staff behind the reception desk.

Unfortunately, depending on the size of the waiting area in each clinic, this may mean that you need to wait outside the clinic.  Please be assured that we will be taking every precaution and following all Health & Safety guidelines including our own rigorous Health & Safety Protocols throughout Alert Level 2 to ensure the safety of our team and our clients. Hygiene and safety remains our absolute priority.


Contact Tracing:

It is mandatory for anyone who enters a clinic has to leave their contact details for the purpose of Covid-19 Contract Tracing or scan in using the COVID 19 tracing app.

This means that we will be checking that we have your correct details in our system. We apologise in advance if this means you get asked multiple times while the guidelines are in place but we need to do this in order to be compliant with the Government guidelines and to keep everyone safe.


Health and Safety:

Please rest assured that our existing strict hygiene and safety protocols are among the most stringent in New Zealand. Our Health & Safety Practices include:

  • Implementing social distancing in the waiting area and other non-treatment areas of the clinic;
  • Bed sheets and headrest covers replaced for every treatment;
  • Hand-washing best practice implemented before and after every treatment and each time a staff member leaves and re-enters the clinic;
  • Working surfaces sanitised with hospital grade disinfectant between every treatment;
  • Gloves and masks worn by every technician for every appointment;
  • Clinics fully sanitised multiple times throughout the day;
  • Staff members are NOT able to work if they experience any flu or cold like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat & fever; and
  • Allowing additional time between appointments as after checking in you may have been asked to wait outside the clinic until your appointment starts.

You can rest assured that your treatments, as always, will continue to be performed in an environment that adheres to the highest standards of Health & Safety practices and is fully compliant with the New Zealand Government and Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines.