#Everyday Terms & Conditions

#Everyday Campaign Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are published by The Cosmetic Clinic New Zealand Limited, the country development licensee for The Cosmetic Clinic brand and system in New Zealand.


TO ENTER you must;

–        Be a New Zealand Citizen or have a Permanent Residency Visa

–        Be 18 years or older

–        Must not work for any The Cosmetic Clinic business or key supplier to The Cosmetic Clinic.

–        Be a client or intend to become a client of The Cosmetic Clinic.



–        You must be available for a 2-day shoot – for video and photography.

–        You must arrive at specified studio in Auckland by 8:45am on Thursday 27th May 2021 and Friday 28th May 2021.

–        The shoot days will run from approximately 9am-5pm on both days.

–        Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days.


The Cosmetic Clinic will own the exclusive rights to all imagery and video.


Photography and video footage will be used extensively and exclusively for the marketing of The Cosmetic Clinic and its industry partners and key suppliers which may include mall marketing. The channels and platforms where imagery and video will be used, but are not limited to are, social media, email marketing, in-clinic promotions, website, marketing collateral, and anything else relevant to The Cosmetic Clinic’s business, products and services, at The Cosmetic Clinic’s discretion.

Footage of face and body that is appropriate to the nature of The Cosmetic Clinic products and services will be taken during the shoot. We will have full discretion over the nature and subject matter of the imagery and video, including making reasonable edits to originals, and final choice over what we use for marketing. Appropriate imagery for marketing and promoting the nature of The Cosmetic Clinic’s products and services may include bare skin, before and after images, and parts of the body that may not ordinarily be publicised (i.e underarms). All imagery will be conducted and treated in good taste and is solely for the purpose of marketing the nature of The Cosmetic Clinics products and services.



We understand this is an exciting experience to be part of and you may want to take personal shots of yourself and others on the day. You may take personal photos for your own private use; however, you must adhere strictly to the following:

–        You may NOT repost photos from our official accounts until after the campaign has officially launched on 2nd September 2021.

–        You will receive a selection of professional images of yourself (via Dropbox) AFTER the campaign has launched. You may post or share to your personal social accounts, but you MUST clearly tag and link to The Cosmetic Clinic and use the hashtag #Everyday

–        You will be encouraged to take personal photos on the shoot days and share on social media as behind the scenes shots AFTER the launch to market date.

–        Any imagery, either professional or taken on your own personal devices on the days of the shoot, cannot be used for personal promotion in any way.

–        You must not repost or use any images of other people without their permission.



If you live in Auckland, you must find transport to and from the shoot location to arrive on time on the dates specified. If you live in within approximately three hours driving distance of Auckland, you must make your own way to and from the shoot location to arrive on time on the dates specified. For those living in other parts of New Zealand, reasonable travel expenses for transport (eg. flights, transfers) and accommodation (on the night of day one of the shoot) will be covered.

–        Petrol costs will not be reimbursed for those driving to Auckland

–        We will not provide rental cars for out of town winners

–        We will help organise your transfers and flights and accommodation (or you must get our approval for costs before finalising bookings)



–        The Winner(s) will be notified by email, phone, mail or in person. When the winner cannot be contacted by phone after three attempts or does not respond to an email within one day after two attempts, an alternative winner will be selected.

–        Where air travel and/or accommodation is necessary, the winner MUST provide valid identification documentation (including but not limited to passport, visa, or driver’s license)

–        Your personal information must be correct and up-to-date.



–        The Cosmetic Clinic reserves the right to exclude any person from entering the campaign or being eligible as a winner on reasonable grounds

–        The Cosmetic Clinic will have the right to use winners’ names, photographs, videos and voices for future promotion and marketing purposes as described above; and winners waive any claims to royalty, right or payment or other reward for any use whether or not the prizes are used in full or at all.

–        There will be no restrictions on the number of times your name and likeness may be used.

–        The Cosmetic Clinic reserves the right to amend, vary or extend the competition, campaign, promotions and/or shoot length at any time, for any reason.

–        The Cosmetic Clinic will not liable for any injury, loss or damage, cost or harm to any person as a result of participating in the shoot days; or as a result of any publication of images or video; or posting on social media or any other media or format.

–        By entering you agree to be added to The Cosmetic Clinic mailing list to be kept up to date with future promotions and news.


The winner will receive a years’ worth of free treatments at a specified The Cosmetic Clinic location. The prizes are non-transferable and complimentary prizes do not include cosmetic injectables. Treatments included are laser hair removal, skin treatments, and Balense products to support your journey with The Cosmetic Clinic.


Your treatments and dates for the treatments will be decided based on a consultation with one of our expert clinicians who will give you a programme of treatments based on your individual skin type, concerns, and needs. You must complete all treatments within one year, of commencing.


By entering you are obliged to follow through if selected as a winner. Considerable time and money will be spent on this campaign and choosing the right people so please be sure you are available on the dates specified.


By signing, agreeing to, or clicking yes to these terms and conditions, or otherwise proceeding with an entry, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions.


If a winner does not accept and follow or comply with all terms and conditions, they will be forfeited as a winner and an alternative candidate will be selected.


To enter, fill in the form on the #Everyday Campaign page. Good luck!