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Performed with steam to help easily remove blackheads, whiteheads, and other types of impurities that may be clogging your pores. This can improve the overall clarity and texture of your skin.


Will extractions get rid of my blackheads forever?

Extractions are not a permanent solution to blackhead removal. Factors such as excessive oil production, inadequate exfoliation, and genetics contribute to the formation of blackheads & clogged pores. To achieve longer-term improvement and reduce reoccurrence, it is essential to incorporate an effective & consistent skincare routine which includes regular cleansing, sufficient hydration & ongoing professional treatments to keep your blackheads from returning.

How are extractions performed?

During an extraction, a special tool called a curette is used & gentle pressure is applied around the clogged pore, forcing the excess dirt & oil to be expelled.

Professional vs. DIY: While some people attempt to perform extractions at home, it’s generally safer to have them done by a trained professional. At TCC, extractions are performed after the use of steam to avoid damaging the skin & to minimize scarring.


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