Mythbusters – 5 Laser Hair Removal myths

Laser hair removal is on the rise, now becoming a common and affordable method of hair removal. But despite its rise in popularity, there are still some common misconceptions about this treatment floating around. Read on as we ‘zap’ these laser hair removal myths once and for all!


Myth #1: We can only treat clients with fair skin and dark hair

While this may have been the case years ago, advances in technology means that our lasers can now treat all skin types, including deeper skin tones. In fact, we have separate machines for lighter and darker skin tones. During your session, your technician will adjust the laser settings to your complexion, hair type, and other relevant information.


Myth #2: You can’t get treatments during spring or summer

Totally untrue. While winter is still the ideal time to start your laser hair removal treatments as its easier to avoid the sun, you can still have laser hair removal treatments during the warmer months. The most important thing is to keep the treatment area protected from sun exposure in between your sessions and remember that we cannot treat clients who have a tan (real or fake!).


Myth #3: You must grow your hair out in between sessions

Nope! Unlike waxing, growing your hair out in between sessions isn’t required. For effective laser hair removal treatment, we require the hair to be shaved – meaning you can continue to remove any unwanted regrowth between sessions.

As you progress through your treatment series, the amount of hair regrowth will significantly decrease. This means that even though you can shave, you won’t need to!


Myth #4: You only need one treatment for permanent results

While you cannot expect immediate results after one treatment, you will begin to see the treatment working after your first session! After each treatment, the hair becomes lighter or thinner. Once you complete your treatment plan, often consisting of 6-12 sessions, you should expect long-term hair reduction.


Myth #5: It’s more expensive than waxing

Laser hair removal not only saves you more money over time, it’s gentler on the skin and treatments are faster. Not convinced yet? Try our online cost calculator for yourself and discover the true cost of waxing. Myth busted!

Are you ready to start your laser hair removal journey? Contact your local clinic for a consultation, and make sure you stay up to date on our latest offers and promotions!