Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Introducing Dermaplaning, a new step to giving you healthy, glowing skin. We know you must have so many questions about our new skin treatment, so we are here to answer them all!


What is Dermaplaning?

So, what is Dermaplaning? Essentially it is a skin treatment that uses a medical grade blade that glides across your skin, removing dead skin cells revealing a fresh, healthy, and glowing complexion. As well as the amazing exfoliation action, dermaplaning also removes any peach fuzz!


What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

There are many benefits that come from dermaplaning your face regularly, here are a few of our favourite reasons to get it:


1.    Smooths skin texture: as the scalpel is removing the dead skin cells and peach fuzz it reveals a smooth skin surface, improving its texture and overall appearance.

2.    Allows for better absorption of products: as the skin’s surface is smoother and has no barriers such as fine hair, the active ingredients from your skin care products or treatments absorb into your skin better, making them work more effectively.

3.    Healthy and glowing skin: as your skin can get more nutrients from your products you will be able to obtain the healthy and glowing skin of your dreams.

4.    Prevents breakouts: The fine hair found on your face can trap in dirt and bacteria that typically causes acne and breakouts. By removing the peach fuzz, you are allowing for cleaner skin and minimising potential breakouts.



How should I prepare for my Dermaplaning treatment?

The pre-treatment preparation for dermaplaning is quite simple, here’s what to keep in mind before coming in for your skin treatment, to ensure you get the best results and reap all those great benefits!


48 hours prior

–       No cosmetic injections in the treatment area


3 days prior

–       No recent sun exposure and sunbeds

–       Stop using cosmeceutical retinol and AHA/BHA


2 weeks prior

–       Topical prescription retinol must be stopped two weeks prior

–       Must not have an active cold sore

–       No waxing, laser or IPL in the area

–       If you are/have taken Accutane, or any other acne drug, please consult with your GP & your treating therapist before the treatment.


For more information about Dermaplaning and how it can benefit your skin, book in for a FREE consultation at your nearest clinic.