Why You Need Serums In Your At-Home Routine

Wondering why your skincare routine isn’t doing wonders for your skin? Heard about serums but not sure if they’re worth they hype? We absolutely swear by them and we’re here to tell you why they’re so great and how they can work for you.


What is a serum?

This second step of your skincare routine is so important. Applying a serum after cleansing helps give your skin the extra love it needs to look fresh and healthy every day.

So, what is a serum? A serum is a high concentration product with typically 1 or 2 ingredients that will target specific skin concerns, ultimately helping to minimise and treat those concerns. Serums are super light-weight and the active ingredients absorb quickly, giving those ingredients to the skin where they’re needed.



Why are serums good for your skin?

Your skin is a complicated organ in your body – it is the largest too! And serums are an amazing way to give your skin nutrients to help keep it strong, healthy and looking its best.  As mentioned above, the main benefit is that serums are full of active ingredients that are specifically designed to target and treat common concerns such as fine lines, acne or congestions, pigmentation, or texture.



What are the benefits of using a serum?

Depending on your skin concerns, there are many benefits that you can get by adding different serums to your skincare routine. Here are some common concerns and which serums can be used to treat them:


If you are wanting to: Correct Fine Lines

Vitamin A or Retinol serums help to increase the production of collagen, minimising the appearance of fine lines. Our favourite Retinol Serums are:

·      Balense Retinol Renewal Serum

·      Aesthetics RX A serum


If you are looking to: Minimise Acne and Congestion

Salicylic acid is the key active ingredient in most acne treating products. When you use a serum that contains a higher concentration of salicylic acid you can treat your acne properly, while reducing inflammation and shed dead skin cells. Our favourite salicylic acid serums are:

·      Balense Blemish Control Serum

·      Aesthetics RX Ultimate Serum


If you are looking to: Correct Pigmentation

There are a number of active ingredients to help reduce & inhibit the production of hyperpigmentation, a couple of which are Glabridin (a liquorice root extract), Vitamin B3 & hibiscus extract. These ingredients in a serum will help to renew dull skin, minimise pigmentation and improve uneven tone. Our favourite products are:

·      Balense Brightening Serum Concentrate

·      Aesthetic RX Ultimate Serum


When choosing a serum, it is important to understand what your skin needs – sometimes this can be something you can’t see on the surface of your skin, but what our experts can identify with the help of our Observ Skin Analysis. Head into your local clinic and get booked in for a free Observ Skin Analysis to find out more and get the serums you need.